Sunday, December 20, 2009

Adgitize: Can you RISK advertising again? -Part 3-

Is buying an Adgitize ad a risky business?The final part of the Adgitize series "Can you RISK advertising again?" which will give you some tips to increase your possible earnings in Adgitize.

After looking into the reason why we lost so many advertisers in Part 1 throughout November and in December (at the moment we are at 139 advertiser accounts), mostly because of the fear that the earnings would be lower than the invested money, second reason will be Christmas time and not being able to do the daily blogging task to reach acceptable points which was discussed in Part 2 of this blog series.

Increasing the possible earnings in Adgitize!

First of all, it's NO MORE RISKY to buy an ad in Adgitize :)
The only risk would be if you really want to gain back the whole invested money and you know for sure that are not able to do the necessary tasks (write daily ONE article + visit 50 advertiser) on more than 5 - 7 days in each month.
Even when you score on some days just 300 or 310 points (60 - 75 cents) and on 5 out of 7 days between 380 - 410 points (77 - 95 cents), you can earn back the invested 24$ (~ 78 cents/daily) for a 31 day Adgitize ad.
One of the most important advices which i can give is:
  1. Put 10 Adgitize ads on your blog divided into 2 ad groups - like you can see on my blog (1 ad group with 1 ad and 1 ad group with 9 ads). There are many other possibilities how to mix the different ad groups so that it matches with your blog template.
  2. Publish daily articles and click daily the necessary 50 ads (or 100 ads if you're not yet advertiser), DO THESE TASKS ESPECIALLY ON WEEKENDS!
Weekends are usually days where many blogger take a break from blogging and take care of other activities. This is your chance to gain extra earnings in Adgitize!

Even when you score slightly lower ad and page view points during the weekends (i loose sometimes 20 points) as less blogger are active, you still can score the full points by visiting 50/100 advertiser and post an article.

In the past i scored each weekend (from Friday to Sunday) around 10 to 20% higher earnings than during the weekdays.
And if you are active on the special USA Holidays like on 4th July (Independence Day) or Thanksgiving (last week of November) or the upcoming Christmas days and New Year, you will see that your earnings on these days will move up by more than 20% (if you score your average points, in the point range 200 - 290 it can be that the earnings move less upwards as more members slip into this tier!).

MORE THAN ONE BLOG? Creating one or more accounts, what would be better for you?

This might be a difficult answer because it depends on your time and on your ability if you can write daily a blog for each of the containing blogs in your accounts.

If you combine all your blogs in ONE ACCOUNT, you can score higher ad/page view points. In my case i can reach already 100 ad view points if i get around 180 - 300 visitors to all of my four blogs. Now that i reach 100 ad view points i can't get anymore higher.

In this case it would be a possibility to split my four blogs in two accounts. If i would do this, i would put one high traffic blog and one low traffic blog into each account so that the earnings would be the same for both account.

Advantage of splitting your account

The first advantage of splitting your account would be that you have now the ability to get TWO (2) blogs for FREE into the Preferred Publisher list which can give you up to 20 visitors daily for each blog and additional 10 advertiser points in each account.

The second advantage would be that you can advertise two of your blogs. With just ONE ACCOUNT, you can advertise two or more blogs, too, but as Ken Brown mentioned yesterday :
If one blog has been clicked by a member, this member won't see anymore the second advertised blog during his actual advertiser visits!

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