Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Entrecard Paid Ads lets Google Pagerank drop!!

On 2nd of April i was so happy to see the first number appearing on my Google Page rank button. Even it was only a 1, it showed me that i improved with my content, the linking to other blogs and other blogs linked to my blog, use of social websites and so on.

On 11th of April i was shocked to see that my Page Rank disappeared again. Now it shows the N/A-Sign which means Not Available.

At the moment i see only one clear link with the drop or disappearance of the Goggle Page Rank - Entrecard Paid Ad System.

I began to get very active in Entrecard on 4th of April. At this time i also accepted the paid ads (in the beginning accidently, later only for persons who drop cards on my blog ;-) ).

I can only guess that Google doesn't like it when a website is "sponsored" with paid ads.
Even when i don't get paid by these ads.

If you move with the mouse over one of the Entrecard's "ads", you can see if it is a paid ad. At the end of the link it's written "paid" instead of "Entrecard".

It seems to be the same like with the PayperPost-Button which many bloggers use and afterwards their Page Rank drop or disappears completely like in my case now.

So i decided to start with PayPerPost, too, but continue to drop Entrecards in the next days again (at the moment too busy with our newborn son and with finding a new apartment until May).

Sorry, if i didn't click on the blogs from your Entrecard these days. I will start from tomorrow on again!!

My Question is now:

Has anyone the same problem in the last days since Entrecard started their Paid Ad Campaign?

And a second question would be:

Are the possibilities to prevent this kind of downgrade (does the nofollow-code work in this case, how to use this code?)

Hope some of the Entrecard members can help me and i guess if this happens to other members, the comments will help them, too! Thanks for every comment!


  1. I don't think Entrecard paid ads affect your Google PR. PR is affected by a lot of factors especially the quality of internal links that link to you , and the number of external paid links from your site. Adgitize CMF, Project Wonderful do paid advertising but the websites/members have great PR's. Mine increased although I don't accept paid Entrecard ads except those who have dropped EC on me before.
    I do accept paid posts and I make sure the links are attached with the no-follow tags. No -follow works if you know how to attach them properly. It instructs search engines like Google not to crawl those links thereby not affecting your PR.
    But attaching a no-follow code to your whole site is only an option if you don't want your site to be searched and listed. What you may need is to attach the no-follow tag on your external paid links. But if you want that for your Entrecard, that I think will be difficult. You need to know the code used by Entrecard for the paid advert so you can attach the no-follow code.

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  3. PR is not a live number. In other words google only updates PR every 3 months or so for all websites across the web. Your PR will not change in between updates. The last update took place on April 2 and the next one will be sometime in July.

    I am active on EC and accepted their paid ads from day one and my PR went from 0 to 3 on April 2. For what it is worth.


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