Sunday, August 23, 2009

EntreCard: Can this be true ???

Have you seen this picture on the other member blogs of EntreCard... wondered why this is displayed on our EC-Widgets but on their website (in case you clicked on the pic) there is no EC-Widget?

It seems to be true... this is again a PAID AD. What's going on with EntreCard... accepting again paid ads (from outside websites) but no more CASHOUT option?

And why is the server down so often in the last two days? Do they run really out of cash now?
Anyone any explanation for this two topics?

Hope my contest doesn't suffer from this server meltdowns... join as sponsor until 31.08.2009... and join as participant from 1st September 2009! Just click on the Banner on the right side and read what you can do to take part in it!


  1. I have that ad in my blog too. I didn't know that it was a paid ad.
    300+ drops in under 15 minutes. wow that is fast. with this extension, there will be more speed droppers in the making :(

  2. I don't understand whats going on with entrecard anymore, It was bad before but now since zip-runner have taken control it seems to be getting worse. I hope they are satisfied with there purchase because if they don't do something about it soon it will be worthless again.

  3. Hi Martin,

    I agree with you concern, too many inherent obsticles and double standards going on for my liking. I just hope you comp doesn't get hindered to much.
    Perserve is all you can do I suppose.

  4. I didn't realize it was a paid ad until I approved its ad request this morning and saw it moved to "approved paid ad" section. But it's gone now, didn't know how long it stayed there. I didn't cancel it though.

  5. I noticed the paid ad too but rejected it. EC says no more cashout or paid ads, so rejecting all paid ads now! ;)

  6. @Ms.Anne:

    There is no way to drop 300 cards in 15 minutes (would be one card in 3 seconds). I have another free dropping tool from Blogfiction which has the same effect. I just use it so that i don't have to search for the Drop box (sometimes it's really at the bottom of the page *boring*). Even when i use it, it takes more than 90 minutes to drop 300 cards.

  7. @Dave:

    Nobody knows at the moment where EntreCard is heading to, the new change (with only 1 ec for a drop) will hurt all members as advertising will get too expensive!

    But this i will explain on the other blog post :-)

  8. @Martin:

    After the change, that the dropper gets only 1 ec, i believe that the contest could work out amazingly because now we can't earn much ECs from 1st September on. But the Ad prices will stay high the first few weeks.

    Nothing better than winning some thousand ECs by visiting a few blogs and quality commenting on them.

    Only the EntreCard's server meltdown could harm it little bit (if the members didn't bookmark my page :-) )

  9. @Evan's Mom:

    I think it didn't do much harm to EntreCard users as the server was down, too. Not much to gain for them but much noise for EntreCard in the blogs about the paid ads.
    I guess they won't try it a second time without announcing something!

  10. @Mariuca:
    Nice to see you ;) Couldn't drop on you the last days because P1 in Malaysia didn't let me drop on own domains which are hosted by blogger... or something like that.

    If i could log into EC, i would have rejected it, too. Next paid ad would be rejected because of your mentioned reasons!

  11. Hi, sorry that I angered anyone with the paid ad. There is actually a very long backstory behind that ad, but I won't go in to all of it now. Basically, I bought the ad credits and Graham refused to refund me after the ad was initially denied. I asked the new owners to refund me and they started the ad and promptly stopped it instead. I've been a loyal member for a long time now, and ECATF was created out of necessity since manual blog approval didn't weed out splogs in the slightest. For those who doubt it's performance, I'd like to direct your attention to this real time video:


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