Monday, August 24, 2009


EntreCardOk... i thought i wait until the day is over and write a rant after the situation in EntreCard with the Server might be fixed.

But now it's just ENOUGH!!

I just wrote with Eli from about the Server meltdown in EntreCard yesterday and about the strange appearance of the paid ad (which when you buy their promoted software, will produce a much higher bounce rate, by the way you could get a similar software for free... just have a look in one of my "EntreCard explained"-Series, there i promoted a website which offers this for free!)

While writing with him, i dropped two cards one on his blog and one on Chronic Chick Talk. On her blog there is the RSS-Feed for the Drop Inbox, usually i appear there immediately after i dropped my card. This time -NO- no Cornyman's Money-Blog and the strange thing was no one from today appeared only drops from yesterday.

I checked my Inbox, the same, only from yesterday 48 drops (instead of around 280) and my statistics from yesterday showed only 80 drops from me but i did 300 drops!! Seems the two hours yesterday night have been a waste of time better have watched one more movie with my wife!

And now the best... after i wrote a message to Eli 10 minutes ago my ECs got deducted by 534 ECs. At the moment i can only guess that this must be the difference between my drops yesterday 300 - 80 (registered) drops = 220 ECs and the drops from other members on my blog for yesterday and today (my stats telling me that more than 30 members clicked directly from their inbox today but none of them are counted in the real statistics!! The real drops are usually 50 to 80% higher).

When i look just now in my Transaction it's very obvious. The ad price from yesterday is not counted (or was deducted) and all drops since yesterday 5:38 am (Amercian time).

You can look up the answer about this situation of Phirate from EntreCard forum here. No chance to get the lost credits back!

Since 3:42 am today the drops are being counted again!! So better to come back again and drop your cards on everyone you dropped in the time from 0:00 to 3:42 am (American time)!!!

HAVE A GREAT DAY and in case you want to get free traffic better to join our contest and recycle your ECs because EntreCard seems no more that trustworthy these days!


  1. I'm very confused. I too dropped 300 yesterday, tried even to document it by posting in the forum. Dashboard didn't show it, but the area where you sign in did, and I got the 300 a day message when I tried to click on I had no idea where I was in the process because I've lost my EC toolbar also. New computer installed 2 days ago, loaded EC toolbar, but it doesn't work. Loaded the unofficial fix found in the forums, which worked before; but it doesn't now. Bummed, then to have EC down AGAIN screwing up points..........gees. Enough is right.

    Then after I thought all the stupid paid ads were gone one appears for approval? Whats with that? I didn't approve it, but like you questioned why it would be permitted, not only because it's a paid ad, which are suppose to gone; but because it's promoting speed dropping which isn't suppose to be good. Many times in the forum I've read where they say all the drops lists, the speed drops etc, aren't a good idea and to rely on the EC toolbar only. What gives?

    I've dropped two this am, but haven't yet been to the forum to see whats going on. That's next up. Will they be making things right? Surely the system can see the differences between the sign in area and the dashboard in order to give people the drops they really made?
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  2. I too noticed all my drops from last night disappeared. I was fairly disappointed with Entrecard. Hopefully they will address this issue or people will start moving to other ad networks.


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