Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Recycle your ECs into FREE TRAFFIC! Join our contest!

There are so many members in EntreCard sitting on their ECs (like me) and i guess you don't know how to RECYCLE those massive amount of ECs for the best value?

Join our contest because now you can get FREE TRAFFIC for as low as 500 EC/day, for a week it would be 3.500 EC or sponsor 5$ via Paypal for ONE WEEK FREE TRAFFIC + Ad spaces from your blog.

If you have some Gift cards which you don't use or which will perhaps expire soon, just sponsor them in our contest and in exchange the participants have to visit your blog to win this gift card!

This Contest will change further upcoming contests!
  1. The first time that sponsors get actively traffic from a contest - not just some clicks through the link love that is given by publishing the sponsor list on all participant's blogs.

  2. Sponsors get link love from the other sponsors who want to participate in the contest.
    1. If you are already member of Technorati, then your Technorati Authority will jump up tremendously from so many blog reactions. Join Technorati for free and increase your future traffic!
    2. Link love produces backlinks from sponsors and participants which can result in a higher pagerank (Google pagerank updates should be two times during the contest period)
    3. Your Alexa ranking will get a boost from the participants who visit your blog.
      It seems to be helpful for this ranking when you get from time to time a spike in visitors - and this will happen during the time when your sponsored prize can be won!

  3. Take the Early Bird-AUGUST advertising discount of 33% and more!
    The sponsorship is cheap in comparison to the advertising prices in EntreCard itself.
    You sponsor 500 EC for ONE DAY or 3.500 EC/5$ for ONE WEEK Free Traffic.
    Sponsorship will be open until the first week of December, but the "price" will raise throughout the contest.
    Sponsors who join in September have to give already 750 EC/day and 5.000 EC/week, the 5$ will remain the same for ONE WEEK Free Traffic.

  4. Link love is given already for the first contest, if you join in September the already published lists on the participant's blogs can't be changed immediately. In this case link love will be given only from newly joined participants ("old" participants have to update the list monthly).

  5. I would like to make a special part of the contest which is concentrated on gems, craft and art as i have now a few of this items as pledges, they usually have a higher value than the ECs/cash. And i think it would be a great time to make this kind of contest from mid October to mid/end of November, so that it could reach the participant before Christmas (as a gift for someone).

    These are the items:

For all the sponsors who haven't yet registered in the EntreCard Forum, please write down your pledges (sponsorship) there, too, and don't forget to copy/past ONE of the TWO ADS in your blog's sidebar!!
In this case the Forum will be an active place to share and communicate about the contest and not to forget the Itrader points that you will get!

If you like to sponsor now... here are the "rules" of the 1 Million EC-Free Traffic-Contest, comment on this post and write down your pledge in the forum, too.
Please DON'T transfer the ECs into my account!! You have to transfer the ECs directly to the winner as soon as it's your turn!

Afterward please take one of the two ads and post it near the EntreCard or above the fold, so that we can attract more person to join our contest and make other persons curious about the upcoming contest!

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