Monday, August 10, 2009

Be part of the 1 Million EC Free Traffic Contest!

The actual sponsored contest will be shown on the Main page - Cornymans Money-Blog!

How to enter the Final prize contest:
  1. MUST DO for the sponsored weekly contests, too!
    Blog about this contest and copy the sponsor list (as the sponsorship is going on, please update the sponsor list every 15th of each month! :) - 5 entries
Additional entries:
  1. Copy the following code in your sidebar and display the Contest-Logo until 31st Dezember - 5 entries per month

    Join  the 1 Million EC-Free Traffic-Contest now!

  2. Follow one or all of our blogs - 3 entries for each blog

    Cornymans Money-Blog

    Cornymans Blog-Reviews
    The One Minute Guide
    All about babies and kids

  3. Subscribe to our feeds - 5 entries for each blog

    Subscribe to All about babies and kids by Email

    Subscribe to Cornymans Money-Blog by Email
    Subscribe to The One Minute Guide by Email
    Subscribe to Cornymans Blogreviews by Email

  4. Link to us from your blog - 3 entries for each blog

    Cornymans Money-Blog
    Cornymans Blog-Reviews
    The One Minute Guide
    All about babies and kids

  5. Bookmark this post in Stumble upon, Digg, Delicious - 2 entries for each bookmark

  6. Sign up with Adgitize, start earning money and get traffic - 20 entries
    more information about Adgitize (to sign up use the provided links, otherwise it won't be valid!)
More additional entries coming soon!

Why should you be a sponsor in our contest?
(Updated: Nr. 3, 5, 6, 7)

  1. You will be mentioned in all our blogs from 1st of September on:

    Cornymans Moneypage

    All about babies and kids

    Cornymans Blogreviews

    The One Minute Guide

  2. The earlier you sponsor, the more often you will be already mentioned in this blog.
    We will update the sponsors weekly until the contest starts on 1st of September, ending on 31st December 2009.

  3. The participants have to mention all sponsors in their blogs. The sponsors can publish one post about the contest at the beginning (31st August or 1st September) of the contest and one ad can be put near the EC-widget or above the fold.

  4. There will be daily, monthly and many Final Prizes at the end of the contest.

  5. For the daily/weekly prizes the participants have to visit the Blog(s) who sponsored it and looking for the correct answer or the sponsors are choosing four post on which the participants have to comment on --> The sponsor will get additional traffic, ECs and if they follow you, they will get two additional entries.

  6. It's an easy and fun contest, more persons will participate and visit the sponsoring blogs, both parties gain, participants get to know new blogs and the sponsors, too!

  7. You can sponsor nearly everything that has a certain value and which can be used for international participants for example:

    1. ECs (consider 750 EC/daily as a minimum -> 5.000 EC for a weekly prize, it's one week free exposure for your blog + guaranteed visits from the participants)
    2. Cash (5$/weekly prize)
    3. Ad space (blogs should have a certain steady amount of visitors daily, otherwise i will put them to some daily prizes for low-visited blogs -> together with low EC sponsorships <1.500>
    4. Books, ebooks
    5. Templates, Blog Layout
    6. Blog make-over
    7. Logo design
    8. Jewelry
    9. Gems
    10. Bracelets
    11. Ear rings
    12. Set of Gift cards
    13. your own ideas

    Just send me your ideas of sponsorship and i will update the list! Register within EntreCard's Forum and use the new created Thread to post your sponsorship, send it by direct message in EntreCard or if you're not an EntreCard member, comment on this post!

    You can sponsor more than one item, so that the participants have to visit your blog two or more times for the daily/weekly prize!

  8. Please provide in your comment the exact name of your blog + the address of your blog and for which blog you want to sponsor which things
    5.000 EC + 125x125 ad space (1 month) Cornymans Money-Blog
    or the direct link
    Cornymans Money-Blog

  9. At last your Google PageRank, Alexa and Technorati Ranking will improve as this contest will have a duration of four months, the participants can join whenever they want but have to post the links to the sponsors and visit the sponsors.

  10. Have a look at The Sponsor List!


  1. That's a really a big contest. Nice to be in this contest.

  2. Hello, Thanks for informing me. May I know if you have post on how to join the contest? Just need more information about it. Thanks :)

  3. @admin:

    Please reveal your identity, otherwise i can't contact you!

    The rules are now online, please DON'T comment on this post, use this post for joining the contest

  4. Hey Cornyman - I thought I'd just pop in and say "hello!" to you after our quick discussion on Twitter the other morning. How are you enjoying those points you *stole* out from under me? Bahahahaha Have a great day! xx


    *lol* for luck i didn't have to use my gun to get his ECs :) Seems like he doesn't like EntreCard anymore, was a nice way to donate his ECs to the first who looked it up in Twitter ;-)

    Have a great time here and anywhere else!


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