Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adgitize payout rocks! What a surprise!

What s big surprise today in the morning my E-mail box!
A e-mail from Ken Brown, Founder of Adgitize, you got paid for July 2009. I didn't expect it now, usually it's around the 10th of each month. More surprisingly was the amount as i just expected little bit more than 20$.

Now i got over 32$ because two of my referrals started to advertise and they gain now like me around 2500 visitors each month and earn also some additional pocket money!

Another reason to join this month in Adgitize would be the Adgitize Fireworks contest. There you can win SIX fantastic prizes:

  • 1st Prize 75 US-$
  • 2nd Prize 50 US-$
  • 3rd Prize 25 US-$
  • 4th Prize 1 month Ad on the Adgitize Network (value 14$)
  • 5th Prize 14 day Ad on the Adgitize Network (value 10$)
  • 6th Prize 7 day Ad on the Adgitize Network (value 7$)
All you have to do is
  1. Be a registered member, sign up with Adgitize!
  2. Place their ads on your blog/website (1 entry)
  3. click each day more than 10 ads from other members (1 entry)
  4. publish daily one article on your blog (1 entry)
  5. advertise in Adgitize (1 entry)
As you can see it's very easy to gain 1 entry each day after you registered (simply put the ad on your blog) but it get's even better when you click and publish an article each day, too!

And it rocks when it gets to earn some additional money when you start advertising in Adgitize. Not only this, the 2.500 visitors which give you more exposure for your blog, new followers and more comments!

And i recognized that as i'm on the TOP 10 on the Leaderboard in Adgitize, you'll get additional visitors because this list is used as drop list!!

So stay active and look out for the Guide "How to earn more money with Adgitize". Let's see you on the Top of the Leaderboard again!


  1. wow and this is big too :) i dont have referral at all :(
    Congrats too :)

  2. wow!! u have great earnings for July!!

  3. I'm surprised actually. I post everyday and hit on there blogs and I have 10.00 in 4 months.


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