Friday, August 7, 2009

Amazing Contest update + poll for prizes

EntreCardIn the last days there have been now several new sponsors commented or sent mails in Entrecard. We have now over 268.000 EC, 65$ in cash and nearly 40 Ad spaces, blog makeover, blog review, domain, hosting space. But i know there are already more prizes waiting in my comments and my mails to be approved, so the 300.000 EC-Level will be taken already today!

A Reward Level-Contest inside my own contest :-)
To make it more interesting for the new sponsors, i offer now for each 100.000 EC we can add up, the following amounts beginning with the 400.000 EC-Level:
The sponsor who marks these goals will get 400 EC, the next 500 EC, then 600 EC and so on.

I will pay these amounts to the winner (participant) of the sponsored prize directly, so the sponsor has only to pay the difference and saves some of the 12,5% EC-Tax, too.

Sponsor our contest and get free traffic!

Sponsor list updates!
I'm sorry that i couldn't update the sponsor list immediately. It's usually always in the time from Tuesday to Thursday when my wife is in the school to study that i take care of our baby. In this time i have to manage to drop card/promote the contest on other pages and update the list - this is not easy when there are just 2 or 3 hours spare time!

The lists will be updated in this time step by step as i have to look if there are enough visitors when someone sponsors Ad space!

Another thing would be that you should provide me the NAME of the blog + Blog adress, not only the blog adress. Otherwise i have to search and write it all by my own and in the end it could be wrong. So please provide both in your comments or in your mail!

Spread the word about sponsoring the contest and about the Reward Level-Contest!
The contest is open for everyone! This means you don't have to be a member of EntreCard to win or sponsor the contest (cash, Blog design/makeover, domains, hosting, books, rings, jewelry, gems and so on).
Be creative when it comes to sponsoring something, make it attractive for the participants to visit your blog.

What would attract yourself to take part in this contest and visit the blog of the sponsor?
Take part in the poll below and find the answer!

The more persons who know already about the contest in advance (even if they don't participate as sponsor), the more likely we can get them as a visitor to your daily/weekly prize sponsorship as soon as the contest starts in September!

Therefore i will publish over the weekend the 125x125 ad for the sponsors to promote the sponsorship of our contest on their websites. Please put it near the EntreCard or above the fold!

You can write a review why you take part in this amazing contest, too and show other visitors the advantages which they could get from a sponsorship. You can send me the link by mail/as comment and i will publish the link to your blog post.
Here two examples but be careful, I DON'T want to see copies of these articles! :-):

  1. Eli's Businessphere
  2. Tycoonblogger's Daily Blog Contest

At the same time i will open a thread in the Entrecard forum.
Please take part in this thread because EntreCard wants to see some active members and we can use the new Itrader point system. It's like the Ebay star ratings system. The more points you get from the participants, the more you are trusted in the EntreCard community.

I will sent these details again to every sponsor by EntreCard-Mail!

Sponsors are also able to participate in this contest, only not if it's their turn with the daily/weekly prize!

Here is the poll for the persons who would like to participate so that the sponsors could see what will be a good pledge:

What do you prefer to win?
Ad space
Blog Makeover
Blog review
Hosting Space
Gift card set
Ear rings
Other free polls

To sponsor the contest, please visit the Sponsor this contest and get free traffic post!

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