Friday, July 31, 2009

EntreCard: Wanted - Sponsors for our Contest!

Here is the updated sponsor list! This post is just for commenting the sponsored items!

My own contribution (if someone beats my contribution, i have to top up ;-) ):
25.000 EC + 1 ad space Cornymans Moneypage
25.000 EC + 1 ad space Cornymans Blogreviews
25.000 EC + 1 ad space All about babies and kids
25.000 EC + 1 ad space The One Minute Guide

Why should you be a sponsor in our contest?
(Updated: Nr. 3, 5, 6, 7)

  1. You will be mentioned in all our blogs from 1st of September on:

    Cornymans Moneypage

    All about babies and kids

    Cornymans Blogreviews

    The One Minute Guide

  2. The earlier you sponsor, the more often you will be already mentioned in this blog.
    We will update the sponsors weekly until the contest starts on 1st of September, ending on 31st December 2009.

  3. The participants have to mention all sponsors in their blogs. The sponsors have to publish one post about the contest at the beginning (31st August or 1st September) of the contest and in the coming days (until 10th August) a Sponsorship-Ad will be published and should be put near the EC-widget or above the fold (from publishing day until 31st August).

  4. There will be (perhaps daily, bi-weekly, tri-weekly) weekly, monthly and some Grand Prizes at the end of the contest.

  5. For the daily/weekly prizes the participants have to visit the Blog(s) who sponsored it and looking for the correct answer --> The sponsor will get additional traffic, ECs and if they follow you, they will get two additional entries.

  6. It's an easy and fun contest, more persons will participate and visit the sponsoring blogs, both parties gain, participants get to know new blogs and the sponsors, too!

  7. You can sponsor nearly everything that has a certain value and which can be used for international participants for example:

    1. ECs (consider 500 EC/daily as a minimum -> 3.500 EC for a weekly prize, it's one week free exposure for your blog + guaranteed visits from the participants)
    2. Cash
    3. Ad space (blogs should have a certain steady amount of visitors daily, otherwise i will put them to some daily prizes for low-visited blogs -> together with low EC sponsorships <1.500>
    4. Books, ebooks
    5. Templates
    6. Blog make-over
    7. Logo design
    8. Jewelry
    9. Gems
    10. Bracelets
    11. Ear rings
    12. Set of Gift cards
    13. your own ideas

    Just send me your ideas of sponsorship and i will update the list! Send it by direct message in EntreCard or if you're not an EntreCard member, comment on this post!

    You can sponsor more than one item, so that the participants have to visit your blog two or more times for the weekly prize!

  8. At last your Google PageRank, Alexa and Technorati Ranking will improve as this contest will have a duration of four months, the participants can join whenever they want but have to post the links to the sponsors and visit the sponsors.


  1. hi, I like to sponsor for ad space a month 125x125 for my blogs

    thereishappiness at hotmail dot com

  2. For ad space the traffic per day should be more than 40 visitors.

    This means the popularity points in EntreCard should be more than 200!

    Blogs with less than 40 visitors will receive link-love (like in other contests) but no guaranteed traffic from the contest, only if you add additional ECs or valuable items, traffic is guaranteed!

  3. Great contest idea and i am very interested in becoming a sponsor.

    I can sponsor 10,000 credits and a 12x125 ad space. Please let me know if you need more info...

  4. @Tycoon Blogger:

    Thanks for participating in our contest.It will be fun!

    I added your blog to the ECs prizes and to the ad space category.

  5. i wanna be one of the sponsors to your fabulous contest. haha.

    the following are what i could share:

    125x125 ad space at

    $5 thru paypal

    5,000 EC Credits

    a (200-300) review post on a certain site linked to their site.

  6. Hi, I like to sponsor an ec credits of 2,500. Just let me know if it's fine. Thanks

  7. Hello Cornyman, for sure this contest would be great.

    Can i join as a sponsor?
    125x125 ad space for 1 month at

    let me know if I'm eligible.

  8. hi i would to sponsor the following:

    2000 ec (
    5GB hosting space (

    thanks and goodluck to your coming contest.

  9. I will be glad to sponsor: - 5,000 EC & 1 month ad space - 2,000 EC + ad space - 2,000 EC + ad space - 2,000 EC + ad space - 3 month ad space - 1,000 EC + ad space - 1,000 EC + ad space - blog makeover

  10. Another one from my stores: - 6 sets of mixed greeting cards & 1 pair of earrings - US only - 1 box of surprise items inside worth $20 - US only - 2 pairs of beaded earrings - Anywhere in the world - 1 beaded bracelet & 1 pair of beaded earrings - Anywhere

    Let me know if that works...

    If they will purchase one or more items from my store I will give 1 surprise item....

  11. I'm interested in sponsoring a text link (PR4, 300-500 hits per day) as well as 4,000 EC's. Let me know what you need me to do to be added on.

  12. Hey CornyMan,

    If you can consider these as my shares:

    1. 5,000 EC
    2. = 5,000 EC
    3.,000 EC

    125 x 125 ad space(2 months each) on the ff:


  13. Hi,

    It's really a great idea.
    I am ready to give 5000 credits.

    Let me know if it's fine.

  14. Hi!

    It would be my pleasure to be one of the sponsors for this contest.

    My pledges are:

    (PR 3 blog with less than 100K Alexa Traffic)

    1 Year FREE Domain (can be converted to $10 cash if you don't need a domain)

    1 month free ad space

    1K EC Credits


    1K EC credits


    1K EC Credits


    1 Month free ad space

    Please let me know if my pledges have been acknowledged.

    Good Luck!

    All the Best,

  15. Hi, I would like to participate as a sponsor:
    - 125 X 125 Ad for 1 month
    - 1000 EC Credits

    When should I send the EC Credits?

    I look forward to hear from you about 2 both sponsors.

    I would be glad if you leave a comment to my blog.


  16. I would like to sponsor 2500 ec

  17. hello, I would be glad to sponsor your contest. would 125 x 125 ad space for one month and 500 ec credits be enough? I don't have much ec's yet. I might increase it if I will be able to gain more... ;)

  18. Yes, I would like to sponsor on your contest.

    customize layout (blogger platform =

    125x125 ad space =

    1000 EC credits each to my blogs:

    Please let me know if my contribution are OK. Thanks for the invites.

  19. Hi! Martin,

    Just to summarize my contribution to your biggest Entrecard contest:

    1) US $20 in cash

    2) 10,000 ECs

    3) One (1) 125x125 ad space in my high traffic blog for the duration of the contest, from September 1 - December 31,2009.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks and regards.

    Eli, Business Sphere

  20. hi, its a great idea, but i can't join the contest because my blog deleted by entrecard, i don't know what the reason. i miss your contest... good luck..

  21. @Scott's Princess:

    Sorry, has too less visitors (<10/day). Everything else is now in the sponsored list!

  22. Hi!
    I want to be a sponsor and contribute 5000 EC Credits.
    Just tell me what to do next?
    You know how to find me, right?

  23. hi cornyman will consider my offer - 3,000 EC and 2 months 125x125 ad - 2 months 125x125 ad

  24. This is huge contest,I like to sponsor too :)

    ec 1000 for each blog

    let me know if all okay

    sherrygo at hotmail dot com

    thank you.

  25. Here's what I can give:

    Make or Break
    blog review (200 words)
    2000 ec credits
    125 ad space

    Gossip Momk

    1000 EC
    5 text links for a month at my homepage

    email me if it's ok

    peh_cats at yahoo dot com

  26. Hi cornyman, I would like to sponsors: 1000 ec credits and 125x125 ad space for 1 month.

  27. hi there...just now I read your message, apologies!

    here is my contributions to sponsorships:
    1. 2000 EC from OTHERSIDE of my LIFE
    2. 1000 EC + 1 month ad space from YANORZAH's JOURNEY
    3. 1000 EC + 1 month ad space from vhingsFoto album

    thanks and GOD LUCK everyone!

  28. hello cornyman =] i'd like to be part of your contest as a sponsor =]

    i'm offering 3,500 ec from my blog 'So far, so good' -

    thanks! i hope i can still be accommodated =]

  29. Mkay, wrong comment the other one.
    Sorry about that.

    So count 5000EC from the girls at Guilty Pleasures.


  30. Hi Cornyman... would love to sponsor this contest.

    1500ec for each of my blog

    here's my email

  31. I'd like to sponsor $5 via paypal from please use Thoughts and Obsessions as anchor url, if possible. thanks.

  32. hello!

    i sent you a message via entrecard regarding the sponsorship but i guess you still haven't read it yet. please just disregard it and let this be my "official" sponsorship.

    anyway, count me in as one of the sponsors. here's what i can give:

    Just About Anything
    1 month ad space 125x125
    2 month ad space 125x125
    3000EC credits
    $5 via paypal

    Samantha's Own
    1 month ad space 125x125
    1000EC credits

    In His Steps
    1000EC credits

    please let me know if I am still in. email me at anak0430 at gmail dot com. thanks a lot and good luck! hope you can reach 1M ECs by the end of the month.

  33. 5 dollar through paypal

  34. Showbiz Juice - 1,234 EC Credits


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