Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Entrecard: Did the CashOut-Day come for you?

Today seems to be the last day on which we could get the payout for the EntreCard-CashOut-Program.

As i searched the internet for some payment proofs i just found two blogs which reported about their received payout.

The first one is from Forex Trading and more online opportunities EntreCard payment proof. He got 10$ from Entrecard.

The second one is from Through the Rain - Entrecard paid me. He received 5$ from Entrecard.

One Mom's Place EntreCard payment proof is from . She put 30.000 EC in her CashOut-Account but finally got a partial payment of 1/3 which is equal to 10 $.

I guess there must be many more members who got paid in these three final payout days. Can you share your luck with us? Graham wrote in one of his last blog postings that he has paid out thousands of dollar already but i've seen only small amounts of money which was published in the last two and a half months. The amounts have been usually between 1$ and 10$. Members who wanted to cashout more than 10$ had to wait many weeks and a lot of members with more than 20.000 ECs in their CashOut-Account never received any (full) payment.

I think ZipRunner should have dealt the last payout like they have done it with Mom's Place payout. Everyone who had put ECs in their CashOut-Account and who accepted the paid ads would have received a partial payment of a specific percentage. This would have been fair because we gave the ad pace for those ads (and you get usually paid for that).

No matter if it would have just been 1 or 2 $, i would have been more satisfied than with the actual payment of 0$ (wanted to CashOut 10.000 ECs = 10$).

What is your opinion about it?
Did you get paid by Entrecard?
How often and which amounts could you CashOut?

Announcement of an mainly EC-based Contest from September 2009 until December 2009!
As many of us couldn't cashout we sit now on many ECs. If you would like to take part in the biggest EC-Contest, join it here.
The minimum amount of sponsored ECs is 10.000 ECs (if you want to divide the amount for several blogs, 5.000 ECs would be the minimum).

I look forward to get 90 or more sponsors.

My own contribution will be 100.000 ECs + several Ad spaces on my four blogs (1 blog PR 2, this blog PR 1, 2 blogs PR -)!
Every sponsor will be mentioned several times on all four blogs during the contest period because there will be monthly winners (perhaps even weekly winners).
This gives you a lot of link love from my blogs and from all the blogs who want to participate in this contest!


  1. I got paid twice for a total of ten dollars, before the company was taken over. I had fifteen dollars waiting, and no I did not get that, and it had been waiting for about thirty days.

  2. not yet get pay out :(


  3. I would like to support your wonderful and exciting contest by joining as one of the sponsors. However, since I don't have 10,000 ECs (I have only 300 ECs as of now), can I just contribute $10 in cash, which is equivalent to 10,000 ECs? I know for a fact that Entrecard cash out is 10,000= $ 10, therefore, my $10 is equivalent to 10,000 ECs. Please let me know if my offer is acceptable. Thanks.

    Eli, Business Sphere blog

  4. I got nothing. I waited and waited, but didnt get any. I got a response from staff that there is no more money from the cashout system

  5. Interested to see what your contest is, you've not listed any particulars of it, how to join etc. I did not accept paid ads so don't have many ec's as I used them to purchase ad space. When do you think you'll have the details of your contest formulated.


    Like you though I've read accounts where people talk about being paid small, very small sums of money, waiting a long time and it's hard to believe thousands were paid out.

    traveling suitcase

  6. Before the take over I got 2 or 3 payouts of $20 and after the take over I got one payout of $10.

  7. I never applied to get paid out, I was confused with all of the rules in order to be approved. I did accept paid ads, but I don't know that both of my blogs hit the minimum requirements for the other factors. Oh well!

  8. I got $10 on Sunday. Haven't posted about it though. It was my second cashout, last month I got $15. So as a total I received $25 from the program.

    I guess I was lucky...

  9. I was holding credits expecting a payout and received an e-mail telling me that was not going to happen.

    I'm concerned that we're going to see an inflation in ad prices now that there are "extra" credits all over theplace.

  10. haven't receive any pay-out! it's so unfair since all of my friends got theirs. I have waited for 2 months, I even ask for pay-out before my friends, but they've got their money first before me. Because of this I'm tired dropping in entrecard, adgitize is a much much better. hmmp!


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