Friday, July 17, 2009

Entrecard Take-Over: No more CASH-OUT??!!

EntreCardA major changes in Entrecard appeared already today. Perhaps you have not recognized yet (because you have only one blog, i've registered all my four blogs from my profile) that for the blogs
  • who haven't signed up yet for the Cashout program- this option is missing now!
The other options which are
  • waiting for Cashout program approval - still activated!
  • Cashout account - still available!
It seems like there won't be no more cashouts available for the next weeks for the members who haven't signed up yet or perhaps also for those who wait for the approval of their Cashout sign-up.

What does this mean for the near future? Should we put now all the ECs in the Cashout account (if available) or will this get absolete, too?


  1. Nice Website

    Keep it up

    Arun Sharma

  2. I have not noticed. My first two blogs have credits waiting their turn, my third blog still says cashout application waiting. I will say this if they stop paying, I will stop accepting their paid ads. Why should I give free advertising for nothing, that they are making money off of.

  3. @Arun:

    Thanks for your compliment for my website,
    unfortunately your blog is not in english, so i can't understand the articles.

  4. @Melissa:

    We have to wait what the new owner, Ziprunner, will announce in the coming days about this matter. But for my two other blogs, the "special" sign up-link for Cashout is no more available. Some other Entrecard-Members confirmed this on their blog posts, too.

  5. i don't know but i can't see your EC....waaahhh

  6. I have to check it out. Thanxxx for the tips by the way.

  7. I was informed of the takeover but i didn't notice. I still have one blog waiting for a cashout program approval. I hope that they can come up with a better program.

  8. @Mike:

    If you can't see my EC widget, please reload the page. Afterwards it should appear again, sometimes the EntreCard server is too slow.

    Seems to be seldom a problem on other blogs, too.

  9. @suwari:

    Which tips? :-) Adgitize?

  10. @Leo Mar:

    Now the period of CashOut seems to be finished, it's already more than three days ago since their announcement for the last payout.

    But they still have my baby-blog with the "waiting for CashOut-Approval" :-)

    And from this blog 10.000 ECs are "stuck" in the CashOut-Account. So far i no payout from EntreCard for me, not even a partial payout of some dollars. :-(


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