Thursday, July 16, 2009

EntreCard server down for almost 8 hours today

Now it's already late at night in Malaysia and i couldn't log in in Entrecard since the afternoon, but the Toolbar worked until i changed to one of my other accounts.

I'm sorry that i can't drop now anymore for the Cornymans Blogreviews and the All about babies and kids-Blog.

I guess some other members are also disappointed by this long downtime of Entrecard today!

I hope we will see better times in the future, especially as the crew of Entrecard wants to improve their earning situation with new revenue streams (for them and for us!).
The other changes with timer or taking actions will have a more severe impact on the membership.

What do you think about this dilemma today and from the last blog post?


  1. I was going to start dropping early (for a change). Well at least it is up again.

  2. Yep and it screwed up my whole routine grr

  3. I´ve been in EC for over one year now and, unfortunately, this happens frequently.
    I already got used to "servers down", there´s not much we can do about it.
    Good rest of week :)

  4. nicely written blog. great tips of money making! I would appreciate your reviewal of my blog

  5. Yes, it surely mess up my routine.Maybe because of Entrecard has been acquired by Ziprunner?

  6. @Laura:

    I have four blogs and could only drop cards for two of them, but luckily i could drop back some cards for the other two the next morning.

  7. @Melissa:

    I guess everybodies routine can get screwed up by such kind of unplanned and not announced data transfer.

  8. @Mize:

    That's true, when the server is down we only can wait and see when the server is online again :-)

  9. @zuluzymph:

    Thanks for your compliment about my blog and the articles!

  10. @suwari:

    You're absolutely right. The change of the data was not what they wrote in the EntreCard blog. It was more clear after the announcement of the Acquisition of EntreCard by ZipRunner. They had to transfer all the data to a server who is running by ZipRunner!


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