Thursday, July 23, 2009

Entrecard: The End of Paid Ads and CashOut!

EntreCardThe ENTRECARD Director of Business Development, Cindy Ung, annouced the end of the CashOut Program and there won't be anymore Paid Ads (just the currently running ads will be displayed until they end).

In the next THREE days EntreCard will use the remaining funds from the paid ads revenue to cover some of the remaining CashOut-Accounts.
The CashOuts will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.
The remaining Credits which couldn't be cashed out will be transferred back in the members account

What are your thoughts about this, will we now get rid of credit farmers, spam blogs and click and run-members?

Could this affect our bounce rate positive (without the need of secret algorithms)?


  1. will be awaiting my cash outs.... wonder if it will ever come in...

  2. just hope I get my cash outs. Will still using entrecard and hope they will give us better view in long run

  3. I still have at least 25 approved paid ads, that bloggers purchased, and I approved, in waiting. Do they think I am going to let them run on my site, with no compensation for me, nope I will be canceling them.

  4. the drop and runers will still be there especially if some of the sites they drop on do not update their blogs daily.I maynot comment each time I drop on someone but i do read their blogs.

  5. Entrecard started off without the Cash-Out Program anyway and they did manage to grow as a community. The Drop and Run mechanics can't be avoided and I think the problem's the same with Adgetize too.

    I think entrecard will just need to slow down a bit, shrink to a more controllable level and sustain itself.

  6. @Mike Golch:

    Prediction was correct. Amen :-)

  7. @Fireopal:

    Got your Payout or not?

    I didn't get it yet and it seems their announced Three-day-payout-period is over since 27th of July.

    Now we just could hope that there are some more funds left ;-)

  8. @Sherry:

    Did you receive the cashout in the last days?

    Yes, i stay with EntreCard, too. It brings traffic to my blogs and that's all what i want and some followers and comments ;-)

  9. @Melissa:

    Hope you got your payout despite you canceled your paid ads in the last days.

    Hope they didn't put a penalty on your payout ranking like you wrote in your blog post in the last days.

  10. @Barako Brew:

    I guess their biggest problem is how to monetize their free 1-to-1 traffic system. I think in the beginning Graham thought he could sell EntreCard for a nice amount of money and then pay back the debt to ZipRunner.

    But in the end it didn't work out for him.

    So ZipRunner has to invent a money-making system. I guess something like Adgitize sounds good. Or some kind of Premium account with discount on advertising.

    Let's see how they want to make money with EntreCard in the future!

  11. I still wonder if EC helps me.
    My bounce rate from EC is very high. So I don't know that it's producing any real readers. Just clicks.

  12. @joetaxpayer

    Bounce rate will remain high - no matter if the visitors come from EntreCard, Adgitize or CMF Ads. All three Ad Networks have the same problem. Members only visit the blogs to get the incentives, may it be ECs, Points or 0,2 Cents for a clicked spike.

    But in the end after 2 years this kind of traffic gave me 200 followers in Google Friend Connect (even when not everyone is still visiting my blog).

    It's just no more fun to drop from your inbox as there are mostly Ghostdroppers (using a program without visiting your website).


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