Thursday, July 30, 2009

Adgitize - New earning opportunity launchs soon!!

Ken Brown, the founder and admin of Adgitize, announced today that in the coming weeks a new earning opportunity will be launched in Adgitize. It might start already mid of August.

Short explaination of Adgitize:
It's an advertising network where you can earn money
  1. by displaying their ads on your blog (page and ad views will be counted as points),
  2. by clicking on these ads,
  3. by writing daily one post in one of your approved blogs,
  4. by paid advertisement which will give you additional benefits (less clicks, more points, between 60 and over 100 visitors daily = higher earnings!)

Probably from Mid-August on there will be the "hunt" for not just 500 points but for 600 points as top score. With this change there will be also a better and higher earnings possibility!

He announced this statement on the Adgitize interview with LM-Blog on 29th of July 2009:

Have you got any new big plans for Adgitize that you can tell us about?

Well, we have a new product coming out soon (maybe two weeks). The 500 point maximum per day will be raised to 600 points.
New revenue will come into the system.
I am sorry but I can’t tell you more than that right at the moment. Programmers are working to finish this new service.

I can't wait to know what this might be but i guess my earnings might reach than perhaps 1$ instead of the 70 cents on average. For the time until 27th of July i earned already 18.04$. My payout for July should be more than 20$ (- 14 $ for paid ad is left over 6$ + >2000 visitors)!

I think this a one more -new- reason to join Adgitize as soon as possible if you're not already a member.

My offer stays the same for you:

As my referral you get
  • 100 Entrecard Credits for signing up and putting the ad code on your blogs
  • 1000 Entrecard Credits or 1$ via Paypal when you start advertising (after approval from Adgitize!).
  • New: All referrals - who contact me (only 50% gave me their feedback yet) - will every three months get the chance to win a ONE MONTH paid Adgitize ad (worth 14$), publishers will get 1 entry for each blog, advertisers will additional get 3 entries for each placed ad.
    The first lucky draw by will be
    in the second week of September 09.
Start earning money (more within a month than from Google ADSENSE, am i right?) and getting more traffic to your blog, sign up here!

Adgitize your web site.


  1. I did many clicks on publisher and advertisers and I see the numbers are still the same. :(

    I mean both publisher and advertiser, do you know why?

  2. @Sherry:

    Which number do you mean... the small number in the blue box under the Adgitize ads?

    It should move up after you clicked 5, 10, 15, 25, 40 and so on until there is 100.

    To get valid clicks you have to click on the ads on each blog which means, when you click on an ad on my blog, it is required that you click on the next ad on the other blog, too, in this case you will get 1 point!

  3. its okay now.. as I contact them

    hehe.. my blogs you commented before

    still learning on adgitize..

    yeah heartrandom blog expired soon the ad thinking to renew or not I have other blog that is newer than heartrandom.

    any advice?

  4. opps I mean to say as advertiser only need clicks 51 ads to reach 100 points.


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