Thursday, July 2, 2009

EntreCard Top Dropper June 2009

EntreCardThank you to all my Entrecard members who dropped by in the last month. You helped me to drop my blog into the TOP 15 of the Finance and Investing category!!

The TOP 3 Droppers of June 2009 (all of them dropped their card 30 times!) which will receive a reward are

1st prize 500 EC (paid on 08.07.2009)
My Reflections and Impressions
Religion, Christianity, Politics, Sports and just about anything....

2nd prize 300 EC (paid on 08.07.2009)
Hello Kitty Gifts
Blog of News & Trips of my Hello Kitty and Limited Edition & Special Edition Hello Kitty Gifts for All Occasions and Everyone!

3rd prize 200 EC (paid on 08.07.2009)
Our aim is to provide you with free, valuable, original and timeless content written for real human beings. Not computer search engines.

From now on the TOP 10 Droppers are displayed on the sidebar, they are updated daily. So you can track your success immediately :-)

For July i give away 1.111 EC, splitted in 500, 300 and 200 EC for the first 3 Top Droppers and 111 EC for one of the Top Droppers between rank 4 - 25, choosen by random!

Keep on dropping by daily to read, comment and win some ECs and link love!


  1. Congratulation to the top 3 droppers!!!

    If i know about it I'm gonna be the first LOL ;)

  2. Paying a visit here...Congratulation to the top 3 dropper!!!!!!!!

  3. I hope I will be part of it next time :D

  4. Congrats to your top droppers. I read on someone's blog our dropping may again be changed? I never get on the forums any more. After they closed them to most of us, I lost interest; but do wonder about how it will be affected. I read many people would no longer be getting credit for the drops, drops might be lowered from 300 daily, and that only people who spent "time", would be given points; but that EC did not intend to let anyone know what the magic secret time to spend was. Are you up to speed on this? I ask, one because I wonder, and two because as I read several blogs with contests similar to yours---I would think that might not be possible?

    I finally managed to get the 400 purchased ads, though it took almost a month after they locked people out. Now that I have the magic number I wonder what's the point.


  5. Congrats to the top 3! Hope to make it here for July. :)

    Life's Tricky Situations

  6. @shaine:

    I hope so, just drop daily and you could be one of them or the lucky random one who get the 111 EC.

  7. @Lisa:

    Could you be one of the next TOP 3 droppers on my blog, i think i saw you climbing up the ranks in the last days ;-)

  8. @Kraye:

    If you're one of the TOP 3 or the randomw winner, it would be a pleasure for me to give-away the prize to you, too.

  9. @maria:

    I hope you can do it or let's say it more positive in the Obama way:

    Yes, we can! *lol*


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