Friday, July 24, 2009

Entrecard: The Wipe Out has already started!

The end of the EntreCard CashOut-Program has already affected some of the popular blogs in specific categories in EntreCard.
Some of these members had been just here for earning credits to reach a high amount in a short time by dropping each day 300 cards which they could use for CashOut.
As now the option of the Cashout is no more available for them, they just stop dropping their 300 cards or reduce it to an average level.

My tip for you is now, wait some days until you buy advertisements on the blogs in EntreCard. I had now several blogs where the advertising price was always above the 256 ECs.
Now they dropped to 64 EC or below because the other members don't drop any more on their blogs which means their popularity is sinking rapidly.
Popularity in EntreCard is measured by the drops on your own EntreCard widget during the LAST FIVE DAYS.

Just wait until the weekend and see which blogs are worth the money to invest in an advertisement, otherwise you buy now for over 100 or 200 ECs an ad and in the end the blog doesn't drop anymore and you get just a few clicks instead of a better return on your investment!


  1. Hi Martin,
    Sensible and well thought advice there. Entrecard will find its own level again and a point that levels of popularity are all relative to each other everyone is in the same boat so when it sinks a little bit we all sink together.

  2. Not to disagree with you, but that is probably not why they are losing their ranking. Like me, I am sure many people have decided to cancel all paid ads, if they are not giving paid credits. You get a big red banner, that says your ranking will be immediately dropped, until you start accepting paid ads again. My drops have never changed, always done the same amount, give or take a little.

  3. @Martin:

    I recognized in the last two days a drop in my drop backs. I guess i dropped on too many members which have been just here for getting paid by credit hunting. Just have to clean my favorites for getting again more reciprocal droppers :-)

    That's why my score in Adgitize dropped today from 460 to 440. Let's see if i can get back again to 460 points. Otherwise i have to declare you as winner in Adgitize! *lol*

  4. @Melissa:

    The ranking which you mean is the specific ranking cause by the CashOut-System!

    If you disable the paid ads, your ranking for the payout will be reduced and the chances of payout are getting lower.

    I hadn't the time yesterday night to answer to your comment. I would activate the paid ads again until the payout period ends (in the next two days!).

    In my post i talk about the popularity points which you can see when you click on the campaign and then on popular. By putting the mouse over a picute you can see the points (divide the points by five and you can estimate the daily entrecard visitors of that blog).

    Here you can read more about getting popular on Entrecard

  5. I think there is something good being cooked under the sleeves of the new owner of Entrecard... ZipRunner... I think they will not fail us... at least not yet.

  6. good point! thanks for the input. yeah, makes sense indeed. i'm yet to check if my popularity has dropped already as well as my advert rate.

  7. am not very familiar with the rules in entrecard, i just started using it and adgitize. i don't even get over 300 in adgitize, i have problems with them, no matter how much i click, none of my clicks are reported or given points.

  8. That's right. For the last 10 days prior to Entrecard's new management policy to stop the paid ads, my blog had been getting 300-320 drops a day. A day after the paid ad termination policy was announced, dropping on my blog was reduced, and now I'm getting 240-280 a day, enough to maintain its position to the Top 2 in the Business category of 1,768 blogs. My conclusion: the power droppers who dropped on me had taken a leave from their power dropping and now on a wait-and-see, since they could no longer cash out their huge ECs.


  9. My popularity and dropping hasn't changed; though I've never accepted paid ads.

    What makes you say divide it by 5? On what are you basing that?

    I often think some of the blogs at the top in categories shouldn't be there. Some don't update regularly, many don't return comments or drops. I've wandered how they obtained the popular status? You look at their blogs, some are so cluttered with ads, you're pressed to see if they actually are blogging. Some, if you take the time to look through multiple posts get next to nothing by way of comments...the whole thing has been a puzzle to me from the get go.

    I'm anxious to see what the next new thing will be to try and get EC regrouping a bit.

    Traveling suitcase

  10. This is great advice. I just joined Entrecard again with this blog so I hope that I can do well and also give lots of comment love on the way.

  11. Hi!

    I still regularly drop 300 a day and I think I still get more or less the same number of drop backs.

    I'm grateful to EC for helping my Alexa rank go under 10OK and for that I will remain an active dropper.

  12. No more CashOut? I admit I was pretty excited when it started, at least I have the choice to either cashout my credits or use them to advertise or even both. Now I'm not so sure what to feel and what to expect from the new EC.

    I also agree with Sandy. I wonder how someone can get so popular with a blog that is not updated, doesn't drop back and doesn't leave comments. Maybe they're just already popular enough already? I dunno.

    I do hope they return the CashOut though.


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