Friday, July 10, 2009

Adgitize - Best traffic and money maker!

Adgitze payment proof June 2009Wow, i received like many other members the payment from Adgitize. It was amazing 24,87 $ (all my Adgitize payment proofs). This amount was achieved without any referral earnings.
I just followed The One Minute Guide on how to earn more money with Adgitize.

I just can recommend this article for everyone who wants to make a good investment with complete or partial "money-back guarantee". When you follow all the advices and start additional advertising for 14$ (new ad price since 1st November: 24$) a month, you'll receive around 50 Cents (new earnings since December 2009: 80 Cents) each day, enough for the paid advertisement.

The advantages as advertiser are
  • you have to click only 51 ads instead of the 100 to get the full 100 points
  • you get automatically 100 advertiser points
  • you will receive between 66 to 118 visitors each day which give you additional page and ad view points (additional 20 to 40 points).
  • your page and ad view points get doubled (up to 100 points more daily)

Even without advertising you could reach payout after around 3 months (since December 2009: 1 - 2 months) . But for this you have to write each day one article and click on 100 ads. For this you will receive between 15 and 25 cents (since December 2009: 20 - 35 cents) each day!

My offer stays the same for you:

As my referral you get
  • 4,50 $ via Paypal when you start advertising (after approval from Adgitize!).
Start earning money (more within a month than from Google ADSENSE, am i right?) and getting more traffic to your blog, sign up here!

Adgitize your web site.


  1. Thanks for the tip, I'm making $.18 to .23 a day with article. And dropping adgitize and Ec at same time.

  2. congratulations for a job well done!

    I received my 7th payment this month with an amount of $28.

  3. Thanks for pointing out the advertising rules and thanks for visiting my site.

    Also, while it's not against the rules, I don't think you should be paying people $1 to join Adgitize through your site when you are reciving $5.

  4. I'm going to check it out now. Thanks for the tip.

  5. @shaine:

    Keep up the good work, drop regularly to receive all the click points and try to spend the 14 $, it's really worth the money because with around 360 - 400 points you could get already the invested money back one month later (actual figures from July!!) + perhaps some cents or even dollars in the plus.

    But most likely you will get around 2000 to 2500 new visitor each month!

  6. @blog:

    Congratulation to your 7th payment. I'm just member of Adgitize since mid of April and started to recognize the full potential in May. Due to moving in a new apartment in May i couldn't be that active (no Internet, buying new things, watching different apartments and so on), so i decided to be an advertiser from End of May on. And it has paid off until now...

    I guess you have a lot of Referrals under you, otherwise your earnings can't exceed 22 $ in June.

  7. @John Lottery:

    My offer is just to give the Adgitize referral acquisition market more competition. There are several other members who offer different things for joining - not only Adgitize memberships.

    Everyone can decide how much you want to give your referrals as a kickback for joining under you. And in this case it's a lot that you get from Adgitize, so i share 20% of my referral income.

    And this will be paid already in August to one of my referrals who is already very happy with this decision, see in the comment on The One Minute Guide (article mentioned in the blog post!).

  8. @cornyman, to tell you the truth I have 61 affiliates under me but only 4-5 regularly advertise..but i'm ain't complaining :D

    how I wish I can get in touch with all my affiliates and offer one of them a 1-month Ad on Adgitize (value $14).

  9. @Rob:

    You're welcome. Hope the tips on The One Minute Guide helped you to maximize your earnings like it did already to the 15 other commenting members (and i guess many, many more visitors of that particular guide!).

  10. @blog:

    Some of them appear in the Leaderboard, afterwards you can make a comment on one of their blogs :-)

    That's a good idea with the free ad for advertising referrals... have to wait until i have 10. Then i can give-away for one of them one month for free, too ;-)

    Your blogger profile is not public... are you the guy from Gassaver?

  11. thank you for sharing your experience with me :) I am newbie even though I signed up last Nov. Not really realised it can make so much money.. so learning step by step :)

  12. @sherry:

    You're welcome to enjoy and use my informations about Adgitize and EntreCard.

    I'm honored with your compliment.Thanks!


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