Sunday, July 19, 2009

EntreCard: My comment gets CENSORED already!

EntreCardOk... My first experience with the new EntreCard Management team from Ziprunner Inc. is rather bad as they don't like questions which arose from my last post here yesterday.

My comment on the blog post in EntreCard sounded like this (can't remember exactly the words i wrote but it was definitely nothing rude):
Hello Mr. Andrew Te,

welcome to EntreCard. I've seen already a change in EntreCard.
It's about the CashOut-Program. On two of my blogs the link for the CashOut-Sign-Up is missing. The other blog is still waiting for approval and the last blog is waiting for the Cashout of some thousand credits.

What are your plans for the CashOut-Program?
I don't know why he has to delete this comment.
It seems for me now that he wants to hide for the moment so that new users don't argue they also want to cashout?
Or do they want to delete the cashout Accounts in the next days, too, without any notice because they are lack of money?

I stay with EntreCard but it's definitely not ok to delete a question about something which he didn't mention at all in his first blog post (only that we can earn credits as usual)!


  1. Well that stinks, and certainly is not good public relations, or management skills. I will be watching how this all plays out.

  2. Well.. I guess its the end of EC...

  3. Dear, please stop predicting the end of Entrecard, because the new owner refused to address one situation.

    I hope he gets rid of the paid ad and paid cash out program totally. that would help the quality of blogs on entrecard to rise again. it's time for the creditfarmers and sploggers to find a job.

  4. @ RE Ausetkmt:

    Nobody predicts the End of EntreCard. But it could be the end of the CashOut-Program.

    I think you could only stop the sploggers by cutting the daily drops from 300 to less than 200 or even 100 drops. In this case it takes too long for them to store so many ECs.

    Aren't you allowed to ask a question which the owner didn't address in his first appearance? Is it ok to delete it or is this a nice censorship so that anyone else don't smell in which direction EntreCard might sail?
    There will be changes and it could be that it gets a paying service instead (this is perhaps a risky prediction but it's ok since they want to make money now with EntreCard!).

  5. Awww, that sounds like a bad news. I'm afraid I'm never gonna cash out my EC credits anymore. I've been waiting for approval for almost two months now. sigh.

  6. @Melissa:

    My second comment also get censored as i ask what is it about the "first come, first serve" gets the payout.
    As i have just put 10K EC in the CashOut-Account some weeks ago. And many others have put it already earlier in this Account.

    But now i didn't receive anything, so i guess the 3-day period is over since 27th of July. No more payout to expect :-(

  7. @Fireopal:

    I think some of the Powerdropper will move on and leave or reduce their dropping like i mentioned in one of the other posts. And it happened actually, seems like i dropped on many of these Powerdropper as i got around 40 clicks less on some days after the stop of CashOut-Announcement.

  8. @online writer:

    Did you get your payout from EntreCard?

    I guess you should have been in the beginning of the queue as you already applied two months ago. I did it just some weeks ago.


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