Tuesday, June 30, 2009

EntreCard explained: Earn money - get traffic - Part III-

ng cards gives you not only traffic for your blog, but also each time ECs, the virtual currency from Entrecard which can be converted in real $$.

The details for you!

How do i earn money with dropping cards on other members?

Every card which you drop on another member gives yourself 1 EC and the owner of the widget gets 1 EC. When they drop back on your widget, you get 1 EC, too.

That means always encourage yourself and the other members to drop back:
  • by using the Inbox
  • by commenting on the other members blog
  • by link exchange with the other members blog
In the beginning the drop back ratio might be below 50%, the more regular you drop on the members, the higher the possibility will be that they drop back regularly on you, too!

I achieve up to 80% drop backs in the last few weeks since i drop regularly around 300 cards daily for all my four blog.

After you clicked on a maximum of 300 blogs daily, your job would be done for that day.
Usually the members who are the most popular give you a drop-back within 24 hours, some even after some minutes!

Other income sources in Entrecard are
  • writing one blog article per day (25 ECs, sometimes not for every day!)
  • approving advertisements on your EntreCard-Widget (earnings depending on the price the advertiser pays). It starts with 2 EC and can be doubled daily if someone else advertises each day on your widget.
    Advertising will be explained in more detail in one of the next parts!

In the next parts we will learn
  • how to use the Statistics and the Top droppers for more traffic to your page
  • how to get popular within a few days/weeks (and earn more)
  • which blogs you should choose for advertising your own blog
  • and many more things to earn and get more traffic to your blog!
Stay tuned and keep on dropping daily on our blogs.
Don't forget the THREE TOP DROPPERS on this blog will get 500, 300 or 200 EC and the TOP 25 Droppers get link love for the next Page Rank update!!!

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