Thursday, June 11, 2009

Increase your Twitter followers rapidly!

Twitter - social network and micro-blogMany users of Twitter struggle with the amount of followers they can get. Usually in the beginning it will be the friends and relatives, later the Online friends join the group of Twitter followers.

After these persons are added as your followers, there might have been a long time period when your Followers increase only slightly or even stayed at the same level.

In case you want to promote products, affiliate links or just increase the exposure of your blog articles, you need weekly or daily new followers.

To track your success in the past and for the future, you should use Twittercounter.

On Twittercounter you can see your own statistics about your growing followers and you can watch the statistics from other members, e.g. the TOP 10 with the most followers.

If you are looking for new or more followers who follow you back to increase your exposure, you can have a look at these websites (like I did last week, see picture above).

They are free of charge and you can get at the moment more than 700 followers. This section will be updated with new Twitter-"follower"-services in the coming weeks!

  1. (A free service from John Chow, world famous Internet marketer)
    After the registration a nofollow button is available for the persons who don't follow the rules of adding you!

  2. Get more Twitter followers, just refer 5 followers and you can get up to 19.530 followers

  3. Twitter List Builder

Be aware of TwitterTrain. In their terms -which you usually just check the box- is written that they are allowed to use your Twitter account for promoting their own service(s).

If you refer 5 people and they all refer 5 people each your number of followers could increase like this:

Level Number of followers
You 5
Level 1 25
Level 2 125
Level 3 625
Level 4 3,125
Level 5 15,625
Grand total: 19,530

All you did in the above example was referring 5 people!

The only disadvantage with these systems is that you have no control if the followers are interested in the topic or products that you are promoting.

Therefore you should use the "old-fashioned" recruiting method - Keyword search in twitter and then adding these Twitter members!

Click me, if you want to in Twitter.


  1. The program you mentioned is a pyramid scheme. Only the people at the very top benefit (and that is really what John Chow is known for). Most of the services he promotes or creates is exactly like this unless direct money is involved.

  2. Hello Gary,

    thanks for your concerns.

    I think as long as no money is involved it's ok to join a "pyramid scheme" when you are looking for more exposure.

    The second one looks more like what you mentioned.

    It's true with John Chow profits the most because he always links himself as first follower.

    But you can choose the other persons all by your own. And you can do the mass unfollow for those who didn't follow you (a big advantage)!

  3. There are many similar 'follow me/him - get followed' games available.

    Say, TwitterTrain, FlockAtMe. I mention several more in my TwitterSeer.

    And yes, these followers are rather random, and could be of little value to one's area of interests...


  4. Be careful by promoting TwitterTrain.

    When you click, accept their terms, they are allowed to use your Twitter account for their own promotion!!

    I think you don't like this, or am i wrong?


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