Monday, June 22, 2009

Banned from Adsense - Answer these questions!

As soon as you get banned from Google's Adsense Publisher Program, you want to try to reinstate your account. But it is not that easy like you will think. Google has prepared a very long list of questions, some of them are tricky and i guess if you answer something wrong it will end badly for you, your account and a future without Adsense is predictable.

Here are the questions which you have to answer when Google think your Adsense account was used / abused by invalid click activities:

  1. Example URLs where you've placed your ads
  2. Date your account was disabled
  3. Have you appealed the disabling of this account in the past?
  4. Do you have any other active Adsense accounts?

  5. Who are the intended users of your site?
  6. From what parts of the world do your user view your site?
  7. How are your users accessing the web? (e.g. Internet cafes, home DSL lines, mobile devices, university / office intranets)
  8. Does your site content include content copied from other sites of the web (not including RSS feeds)?
  9. What is the source of your site's content?
  10. How many people are involved with the administration of the site?
  11. How often do you update your site?
  12. Have you ever purchased traffic for your site(s)?
  13. Have you ever signed up for services that give users incentives to visit your site/ads? (e.g. auto-surf, pay-to-read, pay-to-click)
  14. How do users get to your site? How do you promote your site?
  15. Why do you believe the traffic to your Google ads is valuable to advertisers?
  16. Would visitors to your site have any reasons to increase your Adsense earnings? If so, why? (e.g. do they know you personally, are they part of an online community, or do they support a particular cause)
  17. Have you or your site ever violated the Adsense program policies or Terms & Conditions? If so, how?
  18. Any relevant information that you believe may explain the invalid click activity we detected
  19. Any data in your site traffic logs or reports that indicate suspicious IP adresses, referrers or requests
Some of the questions are very strange like Nr. 6, 7, 14 and 15.

If Google thinks itself that my web site offers no values for the advertisers, why should Google accept my subscription to Adsense from the beginning on?
Why does Google not approve each website before you copy the code into it?
Can't Google watch itself in the Google Analytics account to check the referred websites?

How does Google detect the invalid click activity?
I guess they have a better Google Analytics account for their Adsense ads to track persons who click too often or who are always the same persons who click...


  1. lol, got banned by adsense too. i actually appealed because i've no idea why my site registered illegal clicks. did google considered my appeal?? 'course not! i was on my way to earning $1 a day for the ads! hahaha.. the real sad thing was i was close to the $100 mark for a cashout.

  2. hi cornyman reall good site... liked it very simple & informative ...very well said i really liked this - "I don't know my visitors interests in these ads, Mr. GOOGLE, should i make a visitor poll for Google ADSENSE: Why did you click on my ads, they are just here for the VIEW!!" this is very true...anyway even i got banned from adsense... apply & apply but yet no reply so i opted 4 Bidvertiser...all the best 4 blogging ...GOD bless & one more thing...i really liked that line... he he he...
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  3. Google knows who, where and when your visitors come to your site etc...

    But I still see some Google Adsense at this site, so, keep it up^^


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