Wednesday, June 17, 2009

EntreCard explained: Getting Traffic and Money - Part II-

EntreCardIn the second and third part of EntreCard explained we look into the category of getting traffic to our blog with the help of the Dropping System.

The Dropping System needs two persons of EntreCard. Both members should have put the widget code on their blogs. If you haven't put this code on your blog yet, login to EntreCard and click on the "Get code"-Button. There you can choose three different types of widget with different sizes.

Stop! Before you start dropping cards - use these tools to save much time!

  1. Using the EntreCard Toolbar for FireFox is very helpful, not only because you can browse faster through the categories and have the full menu available with just two clicks, you can also see the actual advertising price of this blog and favorite him.

  2. Use this Pop-Up tool (for FireFox) from Dustin from which puts the EntreCard-Widget always in the upper left corner - no need for searching the whole page where the owner has hidden it.
OK, when you have installed these two tools the life will be more relaxed!

Looking for blogs with the EntreCard widget

Once it's on your blog, we have to find the second member who has also the widget on the blog. Simply click on the "Campaign"-Button. Now you can see the different categories which EntreCard has to offer.

At the beginning you should start with your niche, it's the easiest to get some members to drop back frequently (or wouldn't you like to know what the competitors/friends are writing on their blogs?). For me, it is the Finance and Investing category which has more than 1000 blogs.

How to choose which blog you should visit?

There are a few ways to choose blogs:

  1. Watch in your Inbox, usually there are a few members who dropped already their card on your widget.

  2. Click on the Tab "Popular" and you will get the list of the most popular blogs within EntreCard (which should be one of your goals if you want to get much traffic which equals in the end in more money in your pockets ;-) ). Choose from the drop down list your category and click on the first three rows. After that you have visited already 15 blogs. Then continue by clicking on "Next" for the next 15 blogs (or you can choose more rows - up to 24 = 120 blogs)

  3. After you clicked on one of these blogs (Inbox or from the Campaign category), you can do chain-clicking. That means you click on the Ads which are displayed on/ the beside the drop-button. By this way you can reach more blogs from other categories, too.

  4. There are lists available from Entrecard members which you can click daily. You can have a look at a list of these lists on The One Minute Guide - How to drop Entrecards faster
In the next parts we will learn
  • how to earn money with the Entrecard drops
  • how to use the Statistics and the Top droppers for more traffic to your page
  • how to get popular within a few days/weeks (and earn more)
  • which blogs you should choose for advertising your own blog
  • and many more things to earn and get more traffic to your blog!
Stay tuned and keep on dropping daily on our blogs.
Don't forget the THREE TOP DROPPERS on this blog will get 500, 300 or 200 EC !


  1. Nice post. I am very new in EntreCard and this is so helpful. Thanks.

  2. Can you please pop over and tell me about this pop up thing you're talking about? I've not heard anything about it, I do use FF toolbar to do drops and it is indeed much easier than without it; but beyond that I'm not sure how to do what you're discussing?

    your settings don't allow for name and url so I have to keep adding my url, which then is a cut and paste thing for you. Is there a way I can make it a link?


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