Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CMF Ads - SPIKES Poll: Your experience!

Today i want to know what did you experience when you bought a Spikes at CMF Ads.
Was it worth the 20 cents to get 50 visitors in around 2 - 3 days or wouldn't you buy it anymore?

What effects had the Spikes caused on your blog?

Choose the effects of your Spikes in the poll (multiple answers possible) and show us how effective the Spikes have been or haven't been.

If something is missing or if you want to add some numbers, leave a comment!

What's your experience with CMF Ads - SPIKES?
Good traffic
Poor traffic
lower bounce rate than average
high bounce rate
don't stay long on my blog
stay longer than other visitors
no comments
some comments (1-5)
more comments (6-15)
not many new visitors
many new visitors
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

CMF Ads: My results of the SPIKES

Blog VisitorImage by hongiiv via Flickr

I tried the new feature in CMF Ads called Spikes at the Christmas weekend. It took 3 days during this time from 24th - 27th December until i received 50 "unique" visitors from CMF Ads.

Let's look at the numbers from Google Analytics:

  • 32 from 50 visits have been recorded - which leaves 18 visits as Drop & Run visits (36%)
  • From the 32 visits only 43,75 % (14) have been NEW VISITS (unique)

  • The average time on the site from these 32 visitors has been 1:32 minutes (40 seconds more than my usual average time)

  • Bounce rate & Page views (can't be calculated as my code was duplicated and i just changed it to the new Analytic codes on 26th December) - therefore i bought a new spike to test it again :)

  • The recorded visits (32) accounted for 3.3% of my overall visitors (946) in these three days.
My Conclusion

As we usually shouldn't count Drop & Run visits because there is no real value in them, i paid 20 cents for 32 visitors (0,625 cents/visitors) who stayed longer than the average visitor on my blog.

The longer on-site time could be connected with my article about CMF Ads and the comments from CMF admins as only CMF members visited me through CMF Spikes.
We will see what happen when i don't update or have another topic as myr first article in the future.

As CMF Ads doesn't know which member visited me already from EntreCard or Adgitize the uniqueness lacks in my opinion. New visits have been just 43,75% which means there are more than 50% who visit me regularly from EntreCard/Adgitize/CMF Ads.

At the moment i believe the drop & run visits will increase as there is nothing that stops the member (like EntreCard where you have to "look for" the Drop box or in Adgitize for the next ad to click on), especially if they have already visited me from EntreCard/Adgitize on the same day!

The Bounce rate might increase as well as more and more members have already visited your blog from the previous Spikes purchase, following this the average time on the site will decrease.

Using Spikes as a permanent way to drive traffic to your blog is not the best way if you DON'T UPDATE YOUR BLOG before you buy a new SPIKES.

The Spikes will be used up during the weekdays (and after they are now established) faster than during the last few days as more and more members see this as a way to earn easily money for their advertising campaigns (DROP & RUN TRAFFIC).

Actually there are have been more than 109 Spikes member which would give you already 21,8 Cents if you have visited them (enough to self-fund a SPIKES) and new blogs are added each hour.

After 4 hours i received -for my SECOND SPIKES- 10 CLICKS from CMF Ad members, only 3 got recorded by Google Analytics with an average time on the site of 0 seconds and 1 new visitor (who also didn't like to read)!
That's being said, i seem to be right that it's more for the incentive of 0,2 cents than for staying and reading the actual blog (after the blog might have been visited in the previous days)!

What should YOU DO?

  • Give it a ONE-TIME try, 20 cents is not much for getting up to 50 visitors who stay a while on your page.
  • Don't expect many comments (got 5 comments from CMF only members, the other comments were mainly given because i commented on their blog!)

  • Write about your experience with CMF SPIKES or a topic related to CMF members/blogger to attract them a little longer on your blog, express your views in the CMF forum :)

  • Members with mainly paid post may get visitors but i doubt that Google Analytics will count this visits (after a second Spikes is purchased) as the first impression of a blog counts - similar to Adgitize where many members avoid ads which haven't Adgitize ads on it themselves, members remember "bad blogs".

  • Buy a second SPIKES after some days not immediately after your FIRST ONE has expired!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

NEW @CMFAds - Get a Traffic Spike!

I just logged in at CMF Ads and what did i see a new way to get TRAFFIC to your blog! And it's a cheap way, too.

You just pay 20 cents and can get 50 visitors (0.4 cents/visitor) to your blog with the new TRAFFIC Option called Spikes.

The Advantages of Spikes

As an incentive to use this new TRAFFIC Option called Spikes the members who click on your Spike will receive for each click 0.2 cent.

That means if 50 blogs have bought an Spike (at the moment: 60), you can get 10 cents when you visit all 50 blogs. This money can be used "immediately" (i had around 5 minutes delay in recording these spikes in my funds) to buy an ad on other blogs. No longer waiting for 30 days until your first ad on your blog has finished!

As a security to get unique visitors, you can't click more than once each day on these blogs. After you refresh the page the already clicked blogs will disappear until 24 hours are over (UPDATE: or if already 50 other members have clicked on that blog it won't appear on the same day and on the following days, only if the advertiser buys again a spike!).

This system is only for Publishers, advertiser can't take part in Spikes!

The Disadvantage of Spikes

I think it will be the same like we can see in EntreCard and Adgitize with an incentive system to produce clicks (visits) for the members who bought a Spike - not only your visitors will spike but your BOUNCE Rate will SPIKE, too :)

I just clicked the 20 available spikes and that's it, you don't have to click through to another ad (like you do with Adgitize) or look for the Drop box of EntreCard. The visit may last just for a few seconds in a worst case scenario.


The Bounce rate seems to get a problem (for the advertisers) as i had already visited most the Entrecard/Adgitize-Blogs which have been in the Spikes list.
Perhaps i will use from now on this Spikes List as my start for dropping my EntreCards and Adgitize clicking. As it will give me the incentive of getting some cents for advertising or recovering/reducing the costs of my own spikes.
But nothing really new when you already a member of EntreCard - there you get ECs for each visit on a members blog- or Adgitize - there you get click points which convert at the end of the day in cents, too.

It's kind of a new paid-to-click opportunity with less cents than from Neobux but it won't turn into scam like many other PTC-Sites as it is funded by the paid advertisers!

For me a good opportunity to find some new "CMF-Ads only"-Blogs which i have never visited in the past!

What would you think about producing not only some traffic for these members but also giving them some COMMENT LOVE for getting some cents incentive from CMF-ADS?

After i missed out to comment on the first 20 blogs, i started to comment on all the other 40 blogs and will further comment on the newly added blogs!

We will see in the next weeks how many members will renew their spikes and how it affected their visits/bounce rates!

If you like to use this new cheap system at CMF Ads or if you want to place an CMF ad on my blog for 33 cents (between 5.500-6.500 ad views/month for your blog, 8.000+ pageviews/month), simply sign up here.

Monday, December 21, 2009

ADGITIZE ADS NOW AGAIN ONLY 14$ + Giveaway of Adgitize ads!

Adgitize has reduced the Ad price back to 14$ from today on. This was announced just minutes ago.

The members who bought ads with the higher prices will get an FREE EXTENSION OF THEIR AD DURATION (Cost will be paid by Adgitize):

If you have an ad in the system today at the higher rates then we will extend that ad for 22 days for $24 ad / 10 days for $18 ad / 5 days for $12 ad. Adgitize will pick up the cost during those extra days and you won’t see a reduction in publisher payouts with the extended ads. All ad bonuses will be paid at the level of the ad price. As we progress through January 2010 you will see earnings begin to drop each day as new ads enter the marketplace at the new prices. This will be a gradual process.
The effect on the earnings is similar to the earnings in November, this time just in the opposite direction - downwards.

To maintain a healthy financial level for Adgitize themselves, the earnings from the TOP EARNERS will be cut down by 2 - 4 $.
I think this means you only can get a cash rebate of a fully paid ad when you get more than 430 points from January/February 2010 on!

More information will come as soon as Ken Brown replies to the comments or in the forum to our questions!

The affiliate / referral bonus will sink to 5$ for a 14$ ad, 3$ for a 10$ ad and 2$ for a 7$ ad!
For the existing members the traffic will sink from now 88 visitors back to 60 - 80 visitors (depending if we reach again the 200 advertiser accounts level in the next few weeks).
In the last 6 hours since announcement 5 new advertiser accounts (could be more than 5 additional ads) have joined to the new ad price!

That's why NOW IS THE TIME to sign up (if you're not yet an Adgitize member) and start advertising in the days before Christmas and get a nice traffic boost (up to 88 visitors/daily). The earnings will be high until mid of January 2010, afterward they will reach the level before the November price hike. You will see a good income in the next two weeks as most of the blogger are in holiday (especially as Advertiser with a 31 day ad for 14$).

BONUS for my REFERRALS (who haven't advertised yet or didn't renew their ad in the last 6 months)

A 777$ Giveaway in Adgitize FIRST TIME ONE WEEK ADS (111 ads)

You can choose between

50% of my referral income for your FIRST-TIME AD via Paypal (less fee of 0.30 $ +3.9% of the amount = 0.36 - 0.42 $)
  • for a one week ad (7 $) - 1,50 $
  • for a two week ad (10 $) - 2,00 $
  • for a 31 day ad (14 $) - 3,00 $

a FREE ONE WEEK AD for 7$ (gives you 60 -80 visitors/daily -> 420 -560/week + earnings of 50 - 75 cents/daily, for the week up to 5 $ for you),

If you choose the ONE WEEK AD, you'll get a gift certificate from me (valid for 90 days).
PLEASE write me a comment on this post or in EntreCard a message so that i can sent you the certificate number (after affiliate approval from Adgitize) and you can use it immediately for your advertising and test yourself how much traffic and earnings you can achieve in this FREE WEEK.

Time to read Part 3 of Adgitize: Can we RISK advertising again? to see in which areas you can increase your earnings!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Adgitize: Can you RISK advertising again? -Part 3-

Is buying an Adgitize ad a risky business?The final part of the Adgitize series "Can you RISK advertising again?" which will give you some tips to increase your possible earnings in Adgitize.

After looking into the reason why we lost so many advertisers in Part 1 throughout November and in December (at the moment we are at 139 advertiser accounts), mostly because of the fear that the earnings would be lower than the invested money, second reason will be Christmas time and not being able to do the daily blogging task to reach acceptable points which was discussed in Part 2 of this blog series.

Increasing the possible earnings in Adgitize!

First of all, it's NO MORE RISKY to buy an ad in Adgitize :)
The only risk would be if you really want to gain back the whole invested money and you know for sure that are not able to do the necessary tasks (write daily ONE article + visit 50 advertiser) on more than 5 - 7 days in each month.
Even when you score on some days just 300 or 310 points (60 - 75 cents) and on 5 out of 7 days between 380 - 410 points (77 - 95 cents), you can earn back the invested 24$ (~ 78 cents/daily) for a 31 day Adgitize ad.
One of the most important advices which i can give is:
  1. Put 10 Adgitize ads on your blog divided into 2 ad groups - like you can see on my blog (1 ad group with 1 ad and 1 ad group with 9 ads). There are many other possibilities how to mix the different ad groups so that it matches with your blog template.
  2. Publish daily articles and click daily the necessary 50 ads (or 100 ads if you're not yet advertiser), DO THESE TASKS ESPECIALLY ON WEEKENDS!
Weekends are usually days where many blogger take a break from blogging and take care of other activities. This is your chance to gain extra earnings in Adgitize!

Even when you score slightly lower ad and page view points during the weekends (i loose sometimes 20 points) as less blogger are active, you still can score the full points by visiting 50/100 advertiser and post an article.

In the past i scored each weekend (from Friday to Sunday) around 10 to 20% higher earnings than during the weekdays.
And if you are active on the special USA Holidays like on 4th July (Independence Day) or Thanksgiving (last week of November) or the upcoming Christmas days and New Year, you will see that your earnings on these days will move up by more than 20% (if you score your average points, in the point range 200 - 290 it can be that the earnings move less upwards as more members slip into this tier!).

MORE THAN ONE BLOG? Creating one or more accounts, what would be better for you?

This might be a difficult answer because it depends on your time and on your ability if you can write daily a blog for each of the containing blogs in your accounts.

If you combine all your blogs in ONE ACCOUNT, you can score higher ad/page view points. In my case i can reach already 100 ad view points if i get around 180 - 300 visitors to all of my four blogs. Now that i reach 100 ad view points i can't get anymore higher.

In this case it would be a possibility to split my four blogs in two accounts. If i would do this, i would put one high traffic blog and one low traffic blog into each account so that the earnings would be the same for both account.

Advantage of splitting your account

The first advantage of splitting your account would be that you have now the ability to get TWO (2) blogs for FREE into the Preferred Publisher list which can give you up to 20 visitors daily for each blog and additional 10 advertiser points in each account.

The second advantage would be that you can advertise two of your blogs. With just ONE ACCOUNT, you can advertise two or more blogs, too, but as Ken Brown mentioned yesterday :
If one blog has been clicked by a member, this member won't see anymore the second advertised blog during his actual advertiser visits!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adgitize: Can you RISK advertising again? -Part 2-

Is buying an Adgitize ad a risky business?
In response to two comments of Adgitize: Can you RISK advertising again? Part 1 and the following discussion in the Adgitize's Forum i wrote the following thoughts

The comments have been about a CHRISTMAS promotion for ONE DAY (Eli) or for several weeks (John). The promotion should allow advertisers to buy the ad again for 14$!

Like i mentioned in my response to John's and Eli's comment on my blog post Adgitize: Can you RISK advertising again? Part 1 i hoped that Ken Brown won't implement a ONE DAY Promotion. (Luckily he didn't)

This will lead to the same or worse EFFECT like the LAST MINUTE ADS in OCTOBER. A lot of advertisers whose ad will expire in the next days would wait the following days until Christmas!

This would lead to a further loss of advertisers (around 5 advertisers/daily). The earnings would already fall during the time until Christmas.


After "loosing" 70 ads in the system (many have been second, third ads which won't be bought anymore with the actual prices!) -which in my opinion is a natural cleaning process- the exact same would happen again. We gain 50 to 70 (old) advertisers, some with second or third ads.

The point system gets blown up (100 advertisers points x 70 = 7.000 points) but the earnings will SINK for everyone who advertises, when suddenly 30 - 40% of the ads in the system are CHEAPER than the previous 24$ ads.

It would make the whole system worse as the old 24$ ad would expire (from the advertisers who bought a second ad) and nobody would know if they can earn again enough to cover their costs in January/February.

Who would buy an ad in the first 2 or 3 weeks of January for 24$ when you know exactly you won't get your $$ back (many members only advertise when they can earn back their invested money) but "loose" more than 30% of your invested money?

This would cause a more severe problem from mid January on and you would see that the advertiser number would drop much more than now.

At the moment is Christmas time, it should be understandable for everyone that many members have to use their money for Christmas presents or just don't have so much time during these days to invest in blogging/blog hopping.

As soon as the new year begins and the NEW PAYMENT PROOF will show the results, new (and old) advertisers will join Adgitize again as the results will be the same like in the past (20%-30% of the advertisers reach the invested amount as payout).

At the moment you can achieve with 390 - 410 points 79 - 93 cents (which covers the cost for an 31 day ad for 24$ + a small profit of a few $), even when you would achieve just 310 points on one or two WEEKDAYS/week you earn between 60 - 70 cents.

PS: Perhaps a cash rebates for advertiser who advertise continuously (or for a special time frame - loyalty rebate) would be more acceptable or like in the Preferred Publisher Program, automatic monthly subscription with a rebate (22$) or quarterly advance payment (60$) would be more attractive promotions which wouldn't hurt the overall earnings of all advertisers/publishers as these promotions would be used only by a minority.

Now i got distracted from the comments as i had other ideas for my Part 2 of this post. I will write it in Part 3 before i start the NEW CONTEST.

Over the weekend i will launch an ADGITIZE Contest, the contest will last until END OF MARCH 2010 and might have a value of 1.212 $ (depending on the amount of participants).

Image via Wikipedia

Monday, December 14, 2009

Adgitize: Can you RISK advertising again? -Part 1-

Risky Business album coverImage via Wikipedia

After the month of November has passed, we headed into December and many members of Adgitize have been in fear and some in panic when the new earnings bracket will be sustainable which was "promised" by Ken Brown in early October 2009.

There have been two different kind of members in October/November. One part of the members (advertisers) have bought a Last-Minute ad in the last days of October and finished the month of November with a (bigger) profit than the previous months.
Other members believed in the earnings prediction of Ken Brown from October and didn't buy in advance a second ad (or there was simply no money available). They had to buy later on the new priced ad for 24$. As there have been -until the last week (even last day) of November- over 40% of old 14$ ads, there hasn't been any possibility to make a profit with 24$ advertisements in November.

Is advertising in Adgitize getting RISKY?

In this environment it is common that a lot of members think buying a new ad for 24$ in Adgitize is now a risky investment. Like i mentioned in the beginning there have been a lot of Blog posts of previous Adgitize advertisers which have been afraid of buying an ad (or just buying it too early).
Even in the Adgitize forum and in the comment section of the Adgitize blog there have been several members questioning about the impact of the new earning bracket and when it will be worth again to advertise in Adgitize.
These events made more advertisers cautious and we saw a big decline in available ads. Like you can see in the graph below we started with 216 advertisers on 31st October and are now on 14th December at 146 advertisers, a loss of 70 advertisers.

Click the chart to enlarge (opens in NEW window)!

amount of Adgitize advertiser November - December 2009Even when the advertisers are declining there is still more money in the system than in the end of October when the ad price was just 14$ (216 x 14 = 3.024 $, 146 x 24$ = 3.504 $) which is one of the reasons that nearly everyone is earning more than in October and November (if you're still advertiser or have been every time publisher).

In Part 2 i show you if it's really risky to advertise and show some new options to earn with Adgitize!
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Holiday-Contest-Winners!

Congratulations to the 10 winners:

Thank you to all participants in our Holiday-Contest... the next contest will come soon!

In the next two days the ONE MONTH ads will be online and the ECs will be transferred in your accounts (the three members who made a blog post will receive the additional ECs, too) :)

Not all members who dropped cards commented on all five blogs, so i only took the persons who commented on the specific blog into the drawing.

If someone won the same prize on another blog, this prize has been put back and was chosen again for another blog.

Winner of the ad prizes should comment on this blog and give me a link to their ad image which they want to display or tell me if i can use the EntreCard ad image!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Adgitize: Secret of getting an ad paid by Adgitize + make a profit with it!

Do you want to know the SECRET how to get paid by Adgitize for your own 14$ ad? If you are a member, i guess you want to know, if you're not a member, this article will help you in finding an ad network that pays you (back most of your ad price) to advertise in its network!
UPDATE: There is a promotion running until 31st July 2010 which would pay you 14,57 $ for your invested 14$ if you are an active advertiser like described below!
Additionally you will get as my referral a FREE ONE WEEK AD (value 7$) which will give you between 250 - 500 visitors/week and up to 3.50 $ earnings in Adgitize - simply sign up by clicking on one of my Adgitize ads - the easiest way to monetize your blog and to get traffic to your blog!

My payment proofs from Adgitize from July since today 5th December 2009, always more than 14$/month (including referral earnings)!

Yesterday John Lottery from "Ask the Blogster" asked me -after reading the previous Adgitize blog post with my points and earnings statistic- how i could achieve these numbers as he only achieved a maximum of 480 points with TWO running ads (three blogs registered).
Eli came up with a similar conclusion as he only owns ONE BLOG, "Business Sphere"and his highest points have been just 425 (with one ad + paid preferred publisher).

In the last six month i could achieve daily in Adgitize 440 - 470 points (FOUR BLOGS registered) which has been nearly the maximum of the points (500 points until August, 600+ points since end of August).

The Basics in generating points in Adgitize
  1. Click the necessary amount of ads until you see 100 in the blue field under the Adgitize ads (for publishers this are 100 different ads, for advertiser just 50 ads) -> 100 click points

  2. Publish ONE article per day (more are allowed but don't give additional points!) -> 100 article points

  3. advertise in Adgitize for 31 days (14$ = 45 cents/day, best value!) -> 100 advertiser points
    Advertising gives you the necessary bonus -as you could see in #1-, less clicking and it will double your page/ad view points in #4

  4. drive traffic like crazy to your blog, use EntreCard and drop 300 cards, find persons who reciprocate your drop, get into the TOP 15 spot of your category and make your way in the overall TOP 15 for total exposure and FREE advertising for your blog!
Why it is important to get to the TOP 15 in your category and in the end in the overall TOP 15!

If you start dropping cards look yourself for an ad image that makes other curious about you or write the purpose of your blog into the image (be creative).
By using EntreCard's own templates you should write in a few words "what is your blog about" to attract some members (usually less members click on these cards).

Looking in my Category "Finance and Investing" there is not much competition and it would be easy to climb from 0 to 350 member visits (popularity points) with just 3-5 days dropping 300 cards.
This would give you already some exposure for the persons who are interested in this category and you would get some free visitors, just because you are in the TOP 15.

To get in the category "Mixed Bag" into the TOP 15 you have to find a good strategy with dropping and it will take time (more than 2 weeks) to come closer to the TOP 15 as there are over 2.000 blogs.

Getting into the overall TOP 15 needs time -around one month- but with the following strategies it's easier for you to achieve!

Some different dropping strategies:
  1. Drop on the 300 most popular blogs daily as they are usually daily active and most of them are reciprocating drops.

  2. Build friendships by commenting on some of the blogs where you drop cards.
    Commenting gives you exposure and a free text link (to your blog or blogger profile), especially if you comment on the TOP 30 blogs in EntreCard (as they get over 300 visitors from EntreCard!).

  3. Be fast in commenting = make the comment as one of the first on each blog post, more likely that others will read it and visit you, if it's NOT A SPAMMING COMMENT or just a "Great post, nice article"-comment :)

  4. Use Google Friend Connect or subscribe to the RSS-Feed so that you get their new blog posts automatically delivered!

  5. Drop on popular blogs in your category (even if they are not one of the 300 most popular blogs) to make them aware of your blog and your interests, share your knowledge with them.

  6. Drop on blogs who appear in your inbox, they might be interested in your blog and come back for a visit in the following days, too! Sort out blogs who didn't reciprocate your drops (if they are NOT OF INTEREST to you).

  7. Advertise daily in EntreCard with the received ECs. Look out for "cheap" ad spots by checking the popularity points. Buy throughout the categories and buy at least each second day one ad which costs up to 512 EC, it's worth the ECs and with more traffic your own ad price will raise, too, giving you more ECs to invest in more ads!

  8. Reward Top Droppers (look in your EntreCard Statistics) with link love, the easiest way is to join Dropaholics as they provide you with different widgets for your Top Droppers (you can see one in my sidebar, the largest one, small ones only show the ad pictures). Some members just visit you because of being an active member in Dropaholics (even if you don't drop back on them)! They just want to be on your TOP Dropper widget!
With these strategies you can get more visitors from EntreCard to your blog but your content should be attractive, too. So that they enjoy to visit you daily or frequently every other day.

If you write your content not only for your readers but partially for the Search engines (SEO), you will gain additional free traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Use Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Facebook and/or MySpace to increase your readership even more.

The page and ad view point system, the more points you want, the more you have to work!

The page view points are calculated in a very steep way. The maximum page view points (with FOUR BLOGS!) i could achieve was 60 points (originally it's 30 points as the points get doubled if you're an advertiser). Therefore i need 2.000 page views.
The highest page views i could achieve in the past have been 2.500 but nothing changed with the page view points, so this will be really hard for myself to achieve once the 70 page view points.

But you can influence the ad view points with the number of ads which you display and the number of ad groups!

Eli for example could improve his ad view points by adding one bigger ad blog with 9 ads or two different ad groups (one with two ads, a second one with eight ads). In this case he could achieve already the five fold of his page views. At the moment he gets just the 1,5 times his page views as he only displays ONE ad group with ONE ad and a SECOND ad group with TWO ads.
This change could be worth up to 30 ad view points, on average 20 more ad view points daily!
  • Choose two ad groups and mix them so that you show only a maximum of ten ads
For the ad views the point system (for advertisers) looks like this:
  • more than 10.000 ad views - 100 points (50 for publishers)
  • between 9.000 - 10.000 ad views - 90 points (45 for publishers)
  • less than 9.000 ad views - 80 points (40 for publishers)
As i didn't get 70 points in ad views, i can't tell you if 10 (5 for publishers) points are given for every 1.000 ad views. Therefore i would need your feedback :)

Another point which you should take into account - Preferred Publisher Program

Use the Preferred Publisher Program, it gives you free traffic (in case you click already daily the maximum of ads, 100 or 50) for one blog and additional 10 advertiser points. Otherwise read my guide for the Adgitize Preferred Publisher Program.
If you want to sign up for the paid Preferred Publisher Program, the prices start from 6$/month and you will get 25 advertiser points

Some other members achieve high points, too but only with more than ONE BLOG or several paid ads/preferred publisher!

In the Adgitize Leaderboard you can find in the TOP 10 usually only members with MORE than ONE BLOG (up to six blogs - Positive Men).
I would say everyone who has on average more than 470 points has two ads running or is PAID preferred publisher with a second/third/... blog as it's too difficult to jump over the 60 page view points.

I achieved the 500 points on 2nd of December just because i started my new ad at the same day as my old ad expired.
I wanted to see if there is a big difference in earnings but it seems it's just 1 or 2 cents for each 10 points in this area (different when you jump between from 270 to 300 or 370 to 400).

These have been a lot of tips how to achieve much more points in Adgitize, most of them are free, some might take additional time each day but in the end you will get most of the invested ad price returned by Adgitize!
In the past you simply had to achieve around 400 points on average to get paid by Adgitize for advertising (+ around 2000+ visitor/monthly) now it will be around 430+ points to achieve the same effect.

Join now, get traffic and make a profit with blogging!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Adgitize: Have you heard this news yet? I guess you have :)

The next quicky about Adgitize as they published yesterday a blog post about new enhancements as we are now a group of more than 5.000 members (just 100 members one year ago!) and 150 advertisers! Congratulations to this achievement :)

The new enhancement would be that you can see now on the Preferred Publisher List the NEWEST ARTICLE of your blog.

But there is at the moment a glitch in the system if you have MORE THAN ONE BLOG registered in your account and if the blog which is preferred publisher is NOT THE BLOG which will be fetch by the Feed reader at first.

This problem will hit these members
  • who publish only one or two articles for their blogs per day but not necessarily for their preferred publisher blog (like it is in my case with The One Minute Guide - today there was my previous article from this blog mentioned!).
  • who have more than one blog in the preferred publisher program as the Feed reader only takes the first written post of the day from ONE BLOG
How to solve this problem!

Go to the Contact Us link (right side at the top) and write Ken Brown a message that he should temporarily disable to display the "Last post title" for your preferred publisher blog(s) until this glitch is resolved.

But you can use it for your advantage, too! :)

Just use an attractive title and when the members look now more for the title than the blog name, you can add up some new visitors or readers for that day (even when the post is on another blog, perhaps you should link in this case to this specific blog!).

Sign up additionally for the Preferred Publisher Program (see my Adgitize Preferred Publisher tutorial) in Adgitize to promote your website as this is now a much better value when you post interesting articles (it doesn't have to cost you a dime when you use the free option for one of your blogs!)

Update for the ongoing Project: Let's see what's going on in Adgitize (earnings/advertiser statistic to proof the earnings prediction from 7th October)

I will publish this update on the weekend or when the first weekly earnings are out (9th December) and it won't be anymore a simple list which takes you hours to read and look only at hundreds of numbers like in the last one :)

As for the first published earnings day on 1st December, i can say the effect was still influenced by the old 14$ ads as they expired on that day. We saw the biggest drop in advertisers with a loss of 13 "ads" from the system to 158 active ads.
On the 2nd December there has been a smaller loss of advertiser with just 6 leaving the system to 152 ads.
In the first hours of 3rd December we dropped further to 149 ads but recovered to 151 ads.
Same for 4th December dropped by 3 to 148, guess we will recover little bit :)

Even when we lost now advertisers, the earnings are still profitable for members who can score more than 400 points daily (will improve after the weekend!) and as advertiser you get again MORE CLICKS for your ads than in November!

Earnings for 1st December with 470 points - 0.88 $ (+10 Cents profit as 78 cents/daily needed to pay for an ad)

2nd December
with 500 points - 1.06 $ (+38 Cents overall) -predicted earnings have been 1.20 $ but we have 30 advertisers less than in the prediction, a good enough number for the 1st day without old 14$ ads!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quickies for Adgitize, EntreCard, Contest, Comments

Hi, we are back from the visit of my wife's relatives in Penang and Alor Star (Malaysia) since the weekend.

Just wanted to make some quick announcements about new additions in Adgitize and EntreCard, the Holiday-Contest and my reply to comments.


There is now an option to BUY GIFTCARDS for Advertisement in Adgitize. This option is useful for contests, for "donations" or just as a gift for a blogger friend. They are available as 12$ gift for an ONE WEEK ad, as 18$ gift for a TWO WEEK ad and as 24$ gift for 31 DAY ad.

Throughout the 1st December the advertiser keep on dropping, it's a fact now that we lost over 60 advertiser since the end of October 2009. But this fact should not make anyone worry to stop advertising NOW.
I will keep advertising but change the ad in Adgitize to our All about babies and kids-Blog from 3rd December on.
In case you like to visit me after my Adgitize ad expires, simply follow me with Google Friend connect, bookmark me or subscribe to my blog :)

Why NOT stopping to advertise?
In every month there have been only 20% of the advertisers who earned back the money of their bought ad, this has been like this since i joined in April (there they changed the earnings system to the actual point system). And it will be again the same in December because of the specific calculation for each 100 point tier. In the coming days there will be less members in the 300/400 point tier and we saw already this effect throughout the last few days (Thanksgiving holidays).
Members who can score more than 300 or 400 points will have more stable earnings than the members who slipped in the 200 point tier. They have to share the same amount of money with more members.

More reasons to start/renew your ad now!

The last two days i see a sharp increase in clicks to my blog (around 30%-50% from the average 77 clicks --> 30th - 96, 1st December - 123):
  • one reason is that more advertisers stopped their ads and have now to click 100 ads instead of 50
  • the other reason less advertiser means higher chances to appear more often on the ad widgets and get surely a click!
In case you are not yet a member, you can join Adgitize today, start earning $$ and get traffic.
If you advertise as my referral for the first time you get 50% of my finder fee (9$) which would be 4,50$ via Paypal (Paypal may deduct fees of less than 50 cents).


After the invasion of sponsored ads in the last week the run for it has stopped as many members don't see it as an effective advertisement (too expensive as the 25$ just lasts for less than 5 days, less clicks if you advertise in one and the same category with the whole 25$).
When the spike of 12 sponsored ads had been reached, the 15% reserved air time was even exceeded by EntreCard, as many members experienced less clicks from their EC-based ads!

As an addition in the CAMPAIGN section, they added a new sign for EntreCard sponsors. The sign is a STAR in the ad image. It is also written in the user profile of these members.
It means the member has paid 5$/monthly or 48$/year to opt-out of displaying sponsored ads. On these blogs you will get now 100% airtime for your EC paid ads!
I saw in the last days four blogs with the star (Ad Master, SpicyBugz World, 2 of Maitri's Blog).

The Holiday-Contest

Thanks to the members who participated in this contest. The winners will be announced on this weekend on each of the five blogs!

Reply to your given comments during our holidays

I will reply to your comments in the coming days, so come back or subscribe by e-mail to the comments to stay in touch with the ongoing discussions!
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