Thursday, November 12, 2009

Save your Dollars, use less $ and get more!

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In the first parts of the series "Save your Dollars, use less $ and get more!" we have a look in our kitchen.

There are many things which we can use less, more or just utilize in a better way so that we have at the end of the month much more money left for savings, repayment of debts or for other urgent expenses!

Is your fridge full or empty?

On the picture you can see a fridge which is not at all fully utilized. This means it seems to be more empty than full.
A empty fridge costs you a lot of money when we count the daily electricity.
It's better to have the fridge full because
  1. it needs more energy to cool down only a few items

  2. items which are already cooled down help in cooling down the new items faster which will save you energy!

  3. To start saving electricity put some frozen ice in plastic containers or just some jugs with 75% filled up water in the back of your fridge. This will help your fridge to maintain it's low temperature longer and easier - save up to 50% energy.

  4. Use this technique for your freezer, too. So you can save the double amount :)

Get more milk in the dry appearance!

Can we really save money and space when we exchange the bottle of milk with MILK POWDER?

  • Yes, you can store the Milk powder in an airtight container and it's expiry date is usually several months instead of just a few weeks for bottled milk.

  • It is a cheaper solution as Milk powder costs you around 50% less when you buy it in the medium size package (1+ kg which equals around 10 liter if you use the reduced fat milk, full cream milk gives you around 8 liter of milk)

  • You don't need to carry so much milk and buy it so often when you have the Milk powder in your cupboard.

  • Put just two or three spoons of Milk powder in a cup and pour it with 200 ml water - ready to drink!
More tips for the kitchen (and other parts of our life) will come each week for everyday savings!

Do you like to add something?
If so, write a comment and get a link back to your blog when i use your tip in "Reader's solution to Save your Dollars, use less $ and get more!"

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  1. I'm with you on all but the powdered milk. I use it for hiking foods, but just mixed to drink it tastes weird. Sorry.

  2. @Sharkbytes:

    Milk powder may have a different taste in the beginning that's true. After finishing one package we got used to the "new" taste of it.

    The taste with Full cream Milk powder is little bit more fatty than the normal bottled milk.

    The reduced fat milk powder tastes much more sweet than the normal milk.

    In both cases it's just the need of changing the amount of powder to get a tasty milk :)

  3. wow, i didn't know these things about the fridge. thanks for the tips. can't wait to monitor my electric bills next month. =)

  4. thanks with ur post, we used milk powder here!! i got 3 kids (17, 16, 14) they love to drink full cream milk, sometimes we added some few chocolates, and really taste good!! and really u can save a lot!!

  5. good advice on the refrigerator. My father used to buy the powdered milk and I couldn't stand it. I don't think I can do that one.


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