Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adgitize: Did you criticize or promote me?

Hello Chris from Roezers Rants,

i just read your new comment on the Adgitize blog "Decision Made!".

I'm happy that you mentioned my nickname "Cornyman" and that you like my "Recommendations on how to use Adgitize the correct way".

It's a pleasure to know that you read carefully the blog posts in Adgitize and it seems you also read my Adgitize posts in this case.

My name was mentioned once in an Adgitize blog post "Adgitize gaining market share in Blog advertising". There Ken Brown took my quote about his fantastic and fast growing ad network as a reason for his new blog post.

I added once a link to my blog in the forum, so that the Adgitize members could take part in the survey about "Will you renew your ad?". This poll is now located in the sidebar for easier access!

Another time i commented on the blog post of the "Open Question about the Advertiser Only" and put a link to my blog as i wrote an analysis about this topic. Nothing wrong with it as it's related to his topic and could enhance the discussion.

Now the big question will be - does your comment hurt my traffic in the next few days or do you "accidentally" promote my blog with this comment?

Everything that i did with my Adgitize posts is for the public, most of my readers/visitors are already Adgitize members.
NO, i don't steal a lot of referrals from anyone with my posts. There are hundreds of blog posts out in the blogosphere which published their Adgitize payment proofs and referral link each month. It's a big "fight" for referrals if you mean this (with stealing) and the blogger who can promote it in the best way may be the winner of some referrals (which is another idea for a new blog post in the coming days!). Only that my referrals are more likely to be publisher and not advertiser

Perhaps it's about the frequency that i post at the moment about Adgitize (several times a month in the last few weeks), that makes you so worried?

Yes, this can influence the decision of some readers/visitors who are NOT yet members of Adgitize.

But as you can see, i talk about the actual side effects of the Adgitize ad price hike, not a topic that non-members want to read if they shall decide to sign-up or not. I write honestly about what happen to members and encourage them to stay or become advertiser as this will be again a great opportunity in December.

If i would chase just for referrals, i could use a language that is more persuasive and just report that i get since 10th of November 20% more traffic (ad clicks) from Adgitize than in the first week of my advertisement.
Sounds good, too! But would be just half of the truth as the earnings didn't improve yet in the way it was predicted!
Members who doesn't want to loose money, would loose money in this case and just because i would get 9$ for their first ad and give 50% back to them (if they knock on my blog with a comment), doesn't mean i have to pressure them with wrong facts to buy an advertisement!

I would like to get with my readers in a dialogue or discussion but therefore the reader has to make a comment on my blog. In this case i could have responded to your questions or suggestions.

Somehow it sounds for me that you have other "correct ways" how to effectively play the Adgitize-Game and in case you want to share them here with us, i would be happy to discuss them further with you and my other readers!
I just showed my experience how i achieved 20$ each month (excluding referral earnings!) with Adgitize if you are a very active publisher with several blogs (which won't be achievable for me in this month as i'm not able to click for the next days).

I started this blog around 1 year ago, with the intention to help other visitors finding information about interesting programs, investments and ad networks and to keep them away from Scams!
When you look at my first posts, it's also a guide about myLot - a money-making discussion/forum program- and how to increase (double or triple) your earnings with some little steps each day.
The same is valid for all other guides which i wrote and will write in the coming days, weeks and months.


  1. Wow... have a little warmth on a chilly day. Cornyman, I think that you somehow manage to get more referrals than most of us, but I don't think you do it in any malicious or devious way. Somehow you are just better at those kinds of promotions. Thanks for mentioning my poll. Just a few more days and I'll analyze the results a bit.

  2. Would love to hear the real reason of Roezer as it's always with permission from Ken Brown when he publishes comments and forum posts or if he mentioned someone in his blog post.

    After the holiday everything should be better :)

    My referral statistics:

    Active referrals: 2 (from June/September)
    New referrals (November): 2 (no advertiser)
    inactive referrals: over 40 (no ads or no activity)
    referrals: 58 (since May 2009)

    Incentives (ECs) are sometimes useful to get referrals but it often leads to inactivity after some days :)

    And i think there should be an automatic cancellation of accounts which are not active for quite a time (one month), so that this money could be distributed again.

  3. Sorry about this Cornyman I mentioned you Yes and I hope that Comment could Be removed because I was Mentioning your Blog and that you Were well Promoted on the Site.

    But I had Mentioned also that My Comments and Comments from others were Removed from he Adgitize Blog and I am possibly Loosing Affiliate links because of this I would Recommend your Blog to Anyone that Wishes to know More about Adgitize and I hope you can Understand this was just a Browser Bug that I Published.

  4. I don't think you're doing anything wrong with your Adgitize posts either. You're promoting in an honest and creative way so you deserve credits for that.

  5. Hi Cornyman,

    This is Source Blogger.

    From your stats: "...40 inactive referrals..."

    Are you not able to contact your downline directly? With other referral programs, we are able to offer support, encouragment, and free credits. Sometimes this is what it takes to motivate a new referral to remain active in the program.

    Keep doin' what you're doin'...

    Your friend,

    Source Blogger

  6. Perhaps you are a good salesman? I enjoy reading your posts even though I don't often comment and probably I am not the only one who lurks like this.

    I find your posts are well thought out. Not everyone who blogs does that.


  7. @Roezer:

    You mean, you wrote a longer comment but Adgitize cut off some parts of your comment?

    Until now i never heard of censor at Adgitize but i see that he has an active spam filter installed.

    Perhaps some comments disappeared unread because of the spam filter?

  8. @Roezer:

    Just read your 2nd comment and the answer of Ken Brown on the Adgitize blog.

    What do you mean with "Use Adgitize a little bit better"? :)

  9. @Femmepower:

    Thanks for your encouragement!

  10. @Corneymay I Mean my Browser Cut it off or My connection maybe I hit Ctrl+Z it Happens sometimes about Using Adgitize a Little better I will Be in Touch with you :)

  11. @Source-Blogger:

    I see that you have just the Affiliate-Button from Adgitize on your blog, perhaps you don't have yet some referrals.

    Most of the referrals seem to click one of these Affiliate-Buttons and then forget that they signed up under you.

    Sometimes it's easy to follow the "name" which you can find in Adgitize's Member Lounge - Section "Affiliates" - Sponsored affiliate and it will show up on the first page in Google. But most of the time you can't find these blogs.

    Adgitize doesn't want a system where you can contact your referrals because they say, it would be more a kind of Spam mail which you sent to your referrals as YOU can earn money when they buy an ad.

    Even if they buy an ad, they still have to do the clicking/writing articles daily to get the REAL Adgitize SUCCESS. And i think most of my affiliates are not in this group of active bloggers. They just look at it as a hobby without the big or small $$ they could earn if they would use the full potential of Adgitize.

    When i contacted some of them, they usually visit once my guides but then it seems they forget it immediately :) As i don't see much changes on their blogs.

  12. Hey Martin, I see nothing wrong in promoting Adgi at ur blog, that is how u get referrals! I don't promote Adgi at other people's blogs though, no reason to do that. Anyway, I have yet to write my earnings post this many things to do, too little time! :)

  13. @Mariuca:

    Ups, you mean i promote Adgitize too much on other people's blogs??

    Usually i just write when they could maximize their earnings by rearranging their ads or when i see that they could learn something from my One Minute Guide post, is this what you saw from me on some other blog posts?


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