Sunday, November 22, 2009

New facts about EntreCard :)

EntreCardDo you know everything about EntreCard?
I don't! :)

Or do you just drop your cards with the EntreCard Toolbar and don't look anymore on the EntreCard homepage or in your Dashboard for new "improvements"?
Then you miss something :)

I usually investigate some of my programs when i'm kind of bored or if i have too much time left :)

That's when i found out that you can stalk your favorite bloggers in EntreCard. It's very easy to do this and the information can be important for your own decision, especially if you want to advertise on one of their blogs :)

If you look in your EntreCard Dashboard there are a lot of tabs, one is called News feed. I thought it's about EntreCard's own news or blog posts but it's way better. It's about your favorite bloggers.

I can see
  • who they added as new favorite blogger (and probably drop on them from now on)
  • on which blog they bought an advertisement for the coming days
How can you use these information?

With the favorite news, you know if they drop on the same blogs like you, which in case you advertise on this blog can lead to clicks from your own favorite bloggers (this would be good in case you didn't drop on them because of holidays or if you exceed the 300 drops).

With the advertisement news, you know when the ad might run (+/- 1 or 2 days). So you could time your own ad on their blog in case they bought one of the expensive ads on the TOP 30 blogs or if they bought a lot of inexpensive ads. In this case you can be sure there will be a traffic surge on their blogs and your own ad could get much more clicks (usually most of the ad clickers drop their cards from ad to ad).

What's the friends feed all about?

It's the next tab in your EntreCard Dashboard. There you can find the previous posts of your favorite bloggers, it's like Google Friend Connect. Only difference is it's not necessary completely chronical as EntreCard seems to fetch the posts every second day. So you could see one or more posts of one blogger at once and afterward is another blogger with an earlier post. But i guess this doesn't matter :)

It's good if you have been on holidays and want to see a quick update of your favorite blogger's articles!


  1. I have used this a little bit, but more and more of my favorite blogs are not using EC...

  2. I never dared to look at the Newsfeed as well. I was more concentrated on dropping EC on each blog. Now I dared to look what it is all about. thanks for the information.


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