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Adgitize: ONLY Advertiser or Advertiser PLUS?

If you have read the new blog post in Adgitize, you know what my questions means. If you didn't read it yet, i'll explain it to you in a quick way.

Background story of "Advertiser ONLY or Advertiser Plus?"

There have been some comments on the Adgitize Blog post "Adgitize to raise ad prices in November" which pointed to another direction.

To summarize this direction, it's just about branding their blog and getting traffic from Adgitize members. They are no active members in Adgitize which means there are no ads displayed on the landing page and they don't click the ads to get additional points (and in the end a bigger cash rebate).

It's understandable that for these members a price hike by 10$, especially with multiple ads, is a bigger loss than for members who participate actively as publisher and advertiser and get at the end of the month a full or partial cash rebate for their activities.


As Adgitize sees now the impact of the price hike -since 31st October we lost over 20 paying advertisers and still counting!- they want to introduce a special second section for advertisers to attract these lost members back as advertisers.

This will be called "Advertisers ONLY".

The ad price will be just 18$ instead of 24$ and you would loose the following benefits:

  • This member would receive NO advertiser points (100 points).
  • They would receive no doubling of the ad views and page views points that is normally a part of the advertiser bonus (10 to 100 points per day).

  • If they decide to click on ads they would have to actually click 100 ads to receive 100 click points for the day and would not receive the doubling of the click points that is normally a part of the advertiser bonus (50 points).

  • They would NOT be able to have a Regular Ad and an Advertiser Only ad at the same time. Once the member chooses an Advertiser Only ad then all of their ads fall under the rules of the Advertiser only designation.
The regular publisher-advertisers would be called "Advertiser Plus" as they would get for their 24$ ad the above mentioned benefits!

With this new price and point structure the overall points would drop by around 2.000 -5.000 points daily (my guess, overall points: weekdays 140.000, weekend 130.000) as i think most of the ETSY shop and selling business advertisers could join this program.

As an Advertiser Only the highest point you could achieve would be 400 (+preferred publisher points depending on the number of blogs/free or paid option - 10 points free option/ 25 points per paid blog!)
But i doubt that 400 points are achievable when you don't get the doubling of page/ad view points (i would get just 60 to 80 points instead of the previous 140 - 160 points for page/ad views).
That means i would end up with less than 300 points which give me earnings of around 25 - 30 cents daily (with the new earning plan), at the end of the month 7.50 - 9$ which wouldn't be enough for a monthly payout!

But as this option is designed for Advertisers Only, they wouldn't mind about this kind of cash rebate as they are not active within the Adgitize network, so their earnings would be even more likely less than 100/200 points (which equals to 1 - 3 cents daily)!

It's not a good option for active publishers even when you save 6$ because you couldn't get the usual cash rebate of a fully paid ad.

Like i wrote in the beginning, i don't see a big effect on the overall points as business owners would gain the most from this kind of ad but without a blog there wouldn't be article/ad/page view points.

In case someone wants to advertise both -their blog and their business website- they have only the choice to choose ONE of the options for both ads.
I would suggest in this case that you split your account and open an ADVERTISER ONLY-account for your Business ad!
With this move you can get the "full" cash rebate for your Blog ad and the reduced price for your business ad!

Like i see now, the article did get longer than i thought but i hope i gave a few valuable suggestions and tips for members or persons who want to join now because of this soon available new advertising option!

Write Ken Brown your opinion about this new ad price model before 20th November!

My opinion which i will express on the Adgitize blog soon (Ken Brown also likes to read your opinion!) is:

Yes, it's a good move to attract some of the previous advertisers (which aren't active publishers) and increase (improve) the earnings for the active publishers and advertisers!
But in case someone wants to buy this cheaper ad for traffic purpose and being sometimes active, too, it's not that attractive.
There should be a small incentive as Advertiser Only for the advertiser points (50 points) as you also give advertiser points for the preferred publisher program when you pay (25 points) and even with the free option (10 points).
Otherwise you could make it an optional requirement that these "Advertisers Only" have to click 3 out of 4 days the 100 click points to get additional 50 advertiser points.
This would positively affect the other advertisers in getting traffic and less active advertisers would get a fraction of a cash rebate.

Join the poll before you leave your opinion on my blog and on the Adgitize blog!

Would you accept two options in Adgitize -Advertisers Only (18$) and -Advertiser Plus (24$)? free polls


  1. I am renewing my adgitize ad anymore. The advertiser only option with a fee of $18 is still high lol. I want the advertising fee to come back to $14 ahaha. or the publisher only to $14.

  2. I think this is a great move for Adgitize. There are some members, who only want the affordable advertising rate, but not want to have to click ads everyday. A standard advertiser only option, is great, in my opinion.

  3. i still love agditize, i can get more traffic from all countries

  4. Cornyman,

    This is a great post and poll.

    I have thought about this quite a bit, and have concluded that the offering of discounted Advertiser Only ads will end up hurting those active publishing bloggers.

    Why? First, the "advertisers only" currently do not take money out of the system, they only contribute (see Ken's proposal at the top). This means that the money they give goes into the earnings of others.

    When discounted, either 1 of 2 things will happen. (1) Those who pay the full $24 will not get their money back; or (2) if the reimbursement structure will be changed to benefit the active publishers, but the lower tier folks will get less. In both cases, members will still become discouraged, and more adversisers will drop out. This new proposal only slows the discouragement process.

    I'll write more about this on Friday


  5. @moneyndot:
    No, it's not the same like EntreCard. In EntreCard you would pay money for not showing ads on your EC-Widget.
    In Adgitize you would just get less points but therefore you would pay 6$ less.

    It's just interesting for persons who are really not active but want some traffic for their business/blog!

  6. @AgentMango:

    Being Advertiser ONLY is not helpful if you want to earn back your money... the most what you could get with a lot of traffic (my four blogs reach up to 10.000 ad views/3.000 page views daily = 100 ad view points/60 page view points!) would be 290 points... that would give you around 30 cents daily or less...

    You would get back just 75% of your invested 14$ or 50% of 18$.

    It's better to choose the 24$ and try to score high points each day to make the most of Adgitize as you get the 100 advertiser points and the doubling of page/ad views, needs less time to click just 50 ads!

  7. @Melissa:

    It sounds great for the other members who want to earn money with Adgitize, indeed!

    But it isn't great for these member who choose the Advertiser ONLY option when they don't display themselves Adgitize ads!

    I click seldom on these Adgitize ads which don't display on their website further ads of Adgitize!
    So i guess many other members do the same - avoiding this kind of ads.
    In the end you pay 18$ and don't get the same return like the other member can reach, clicks between 70 and 100 daily. I guess it's just the half for them daily!

    Even when i look at some Adgitize/EntreCard members there are big difference in their ad success which is another story for today's blog post!

  8. @Blackberry application:

    That's true - Adgitize gives daily traffic and at the moment more than before as less advertisers are active and more members have to click again 100 ads!

  9. @John Lottery:

    You will read already today more about my conclusion with the "Advertiser Only" option.

    I would disagree with you in that point that the members who pay 24$ will loose money from December on.

    In this case we would have lost already money as the Preferred Publisher Program was introduced in late August.
    The rate there is between 6 and 8$/month (now a reasonable price!) and it will flow into the calculation and it increase the earnings of publishers and advertisers.

    You have to look at the "Advertiser Only" option like at the Preferred Publisher Program (only with a better return for all of us) as these "Advertiser ONLY" really can't earn more than 30 cents, i believe most of them will earn just 1 cents but pay daily 60 cents into the money pot.


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