Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Adgitize: Week III after the ad price hike! It's getting profitable!

This is the Adgitize report for Week 3 after the ad price hike from 14 to 24$ and we see now daily improving earnings, especially when you can score more than 300 or 400 points.

Ken Brown from Adgitize pointed out in his new blog post that even the members with just 300 points can get now earnings of more than 50 cents daily. In October these earnings have been just around 40 cents per day.

Why the Adgitize earnings rise now faster and you can get profitable from this week on!
For this statement we have to look at the overall points and to the number of advertisers.

Until Sunday, 22nd November, the advertisers dropped to 181 from 216 on 31st October. The "loss" of 35 advertiser means that there has been for the first 12 days in November less income from the new higher ad price.
But as most of the lost advertisers (or better to say ads) have been ads which have been run as "second, third or forth" ads - mine second ad was for this Blog and my first ad (for the Baby-Blog) expired already on 6th November - the OVERALL POINTS decreased daily since 12th November and now we are already back to the average points from October with a daily range of 120.000 - 135.000 points!
Now to the statement "Why the earnings rise faster these days", even when we seem to loose advertiser there are still four to six advertiser who renew or buy a new ad each day (previous month there have been 6 to 8 renewed ads daily). The advertiser who didn't renew or let their second ad expire earn less as many of their points drop now between 25 - 180 points daily.

Members who have been in the 400 point tier could fall now into the broader tier of 200 - 300 points with earnings of just 15 - 22 cents instead of 70+ cents. Most of these members will loose between 5 - 55 cents daily.

But as old ads with 14$ drop out of the system - they contributed with 30 cents (as Adgitize keeps 35% of the ad price) and new ads with 24$ (or shorter period ads with daily higher cent contribution) join the system we see now 50 cents flowing in the system. Additionally the PAID Preferred Publisher Program with prices from 6 - 8 $ / month gives an extra of 13 - 17 cents daily. Some of the previous advertisers might have made a move to this traffic (up to 25 visitors) and point (25 points, 10 for the free option) generating option.

As long as we don't loose more than 100 advertisers by end of November 2009 (which is in my opinion impossible), we will have stable and growing earnings from this week on and many members will see during this week but especially after the next weekend earnings are published (for 27-29th November) that you can score the necessary 80 Cents for a 30 day period (78 Cents for 31 day period) with 400 points or even slightly lower points.

With 450 (21st November) and 470 points (22nd November) i achieved already on this weekend 83 and 84 Cents, you can read it daily updated in my Adgitize earnings and advertiser report or in the picture in the middle of this post.


If you are NOT YET A MEMBER OF ADGITIZE, feel free to join now and
  • get 4,50 $ via Paypal for your first ad in Adgitize from me (after purchase and acknowledgment of Adgitize, usually in the first week of the following month)

As of Sunday, 22nd November, the Leaderboard stated
  • 40 members in the tier above 400 points (average earnings: 70 cents = 28 $ daily),
  • 75 members above 300 points (average earnings: 50 cents = 37.50 $ daily),
  • 79 members above 200 points (average earnings: 18 cents = 14.22 $ daily)
  • 157 members with more than 100 points (average earnings: 2,25 cents = 3.53 $ daily)
  • more than 4.400 (!) members with less than 100 points (average earnings: 0,1 cent = 4.40 $ daily).
From this data we can see that only 8% of the members are actively involved and the other 4.400 members are just here for the view. Further can be said that only around 115 members get guaranteed monthly payouts while the other members have to wait 2 or more months for achieving the payout amount of 10$.

JUST IMAGINE WHICH IMPACT IT WOULD HAVE IF THE REST OF THE LEADERBOARD which score less than 100 points daily (around 150 members), would start clicking ads from day to day! Each advertiser would get between 30 and 80 clicks more daily and more advertisers would join the game!

I hope we can show the non-members and the "retired" members that it's again MUCH MORE WORTH to be an ACTIVE MEMBER in Adgitize as it's too easy to achieve 200+ points daily with just ONE ARTICLE and 100 clicks (which may take up to 40 minutes), with FREE TRAFFIC for you if you click regularly and with even more TRAFFIC if you join our advertiser group for 24 $ (BEST VALUE!) which gives you 31 DAYS exposure for your ad and more than 2.000 visitors monthly + you get a big CASH REBATE AS Active Publisher, so the 24 $ won't hurt you as you even could score a PROFIT like me (and many other members) in the last five month (my ADGITIZE payment proofs) and this month will be again a profit of more than 10 $ (after deduction of the OLD 14$ ad price)!!


  1. thank you Cornyman! I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. If using both Entrecard and Adgitize, is there really that much more traffic generated from Adgitize? I'm not really seeing it, but haven't really studied it carefully. I'm one of those that let my ad lapse and am not really feeling it.

  3. to me, it all boils down to whether or not I can earn enough to continue to pay for my monthly ad. Under the old earnings I averaged 370-390 points per day and earned enough to pay for the ad. So far this month I average 380-410 points per day and my largest earning day was $.76. If in the first week of December, those points aren't earning enough to renew at the $24 level, I will cease being an advertiser

  4. @dickster:

    Most of the advertiser don't want to loose money that's why i started this series of post about the earnings and advertiser situation. It seems it's essential that we have more than 175 - 180 advertiser in the system to get the benefits of scoring 80 Cents (in December 78 Cents).

    I score now since 21st December between 80 and 84 cents for 470 points
    In case most of the advertisers which bought the "second ad" as Last-Minute ad between 29 and 31st October will renew their ad again, you will see definitely 80+ Cents/daily from 2nd December on.

    I guess you will score already 80 cents daily by this weekend if you achieve 400+ points!

  5. @grayspirit:

    It depends, if you a person who drops EntreCard, too, you definitely have a better chance to get visits from Adgitize members.

    There are a lot of EntreCard/Adgitize advertisers who don't drop back, their results in Adgitize will be not very good as we can see it in the Popularity points in EntreCard (usually you should achieve between 300 - 400 popularity points, some advertisers have less than 200 points which equals to less than 40 visitors daily).

  6. Most of the Time I will Not Go to Some sites because they give me these Script Warnings and it puts me off going to them. But as you Said if you don't Visit the sites you are not going to Get that much Traffic. I think it's not much to Visit the 50 sites a Day and I should be doing it more often I renewed my ad tonight because I think even at $24 it's quite Good Value and I will get some comments and Improve SEO


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