Saturday, November 21, 2009

EntreCard: The first real sponsored ad!

Now it's there or is it there already longer - the first real sponsored ad in EntreCard. I didn't click on it as this would give the owner of the ad already free traffic :)
but like i said in a previous post or comment to my post:
It's very clever from EntreCard to hide the sponsored ads in the menu of the Dashboard and not like in the past show them publicly beside the regular EntreCard ads.

EntreCard promotes now additional in the blog sponsored ads as there are now a few advertisers who try this service. As of now i saw that this ad is an EntreCard-Blog in the category "Graphic Design". The ad price is now 128 EC (don't know the price from yesterday but i guess it was significantly lower). Seems like EntreCard uses this ad price as example for their prediction that your ad price could jump up to 2.000%.
I'm not sure if it would be worth for you to pay 128 EC when you got in the last five days just 142 visitors (less than 30 per day).
On my blog there would be around 10 - 15 ad views for this paid ad and another 10 - 15 ad views for the other 2 or 3 ads.
This means for the TOP 30 popular blogs, there might by up to 450 ad views/daily. Looking at the TOP 300 blogs with 120 - 450 visitors daily we would get around 2.000 ad views/daily for this sponsored ad.
At the moment i guess it's around 75 - 100 visitors that you can get per day as i looked just now after i discovered the ad one day ago. Will look tomorrow again, where the popularity is now and see if it raises now faster above the 200 mark.

There are now EIGHT SPONSORED ADS IN THE SYSTEM, you might have a look and judge yourself who can be disabled :)

How many EntreCard members look daily in the sponsored ads if there are new ads to uncheck?


  1. I seriously cannot understand why you or anyone else would continue to sell your blogs short for entrecard. I'm sorry but EC is using you and all the other bloggers in their system to the point bloggers are losing credibility in the blogosphere. Now ask yourself, you have no control over the ads EC shows on your blogs and you are getting what for it - high bounce rate and low PR. No problem if that is what you are after and the fact you are losing readers because of these ads. But hey, keep supporting EC. Now when EC goes belly up and that writing is already on the wall are you going to be able to get your blog back in line? If you spent more time building traffic to your blog and less time dropping EC credits you might actually see your PR go up.

  2. @My Journey:

    I'm not sure if it's important to have a high PageRank as i saw on my other blog The One Minute Guide always better Search Engine Ranking results when i had not yet a PageRank for that specific topic.

    If i use PR for advertising purposes, you should be aware that if you give your advertisers Do-Follow-Links it's against Google's Webmaster Guidelines and could result in a penalty against you.

    What's the purpose for you to get a higher Pagerank but NO VISITORS.
    Visitor is what EntreCard brings me, comments and followers.
    And i find many interesting blogs and friends from EntreCard.

    We can disable ads in EntreCard not all but 50% and that's ok for me, but EVERYBODY has the right of his own opinion and decision about this matter in EntreCard!


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