Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Adgitize: Week TWO of the ad price hike!

Adgitize your web site. Now we reached already the 2nd week in Adgitize and publisher/advertiser don't see yet a real improvement in their earnings. The major cause for this is that over 10% of the previous advertisers dropped out of the system (and many second ads are still running for 14$ until 1st December 2009).
Today as the points/earnings have been calculated, the advertiser count saw a low of 189 but recovered since then to 191. This means a further loss of 4 advertisers or ads compared to 15th November and a loss of 25 advertisers compared to 31st October!

In this environment we can't see the expected earning estimates. I doubt that we might see them even in the first week of December. 802

The reason:
Like i wrote in a previous post, the earning estimates are based on 180 advertisers and we should drop below this level (by end of November) as it's still unsure for many members if they can get back their invested money in the following weeks.
Most of them won't buy an ad so early and CHRISTMAS is also knocking on the door :)

Is the "Advertiser ONLY" option the solution for more advertisers/higher earnings?
Some days ago, Ken Brown published a new blog post and asked the members if we would like to have two AD OPTIONS as he saw from three comments on his price hike blog post that some members just advertise without any/much participation in Adgitize (mainly no clicking and/or no Adgitize ads are displayed on the landing page).
I pointed out that if you want to save money (18$ instead of 24$), you could do it if you want to advertise your Etsy Shop or other business related websites.
For everyone else it's a no-go because you loose all of the benefits of a regular advertiser = Advertiser PLUS (advertiser points, click bonus and page/ad view point doubling). You would just earn 30 cents or less depending on your traffic with more time needed for clicking again 100 ads! This would end the month with just 9$ for your invested 18$.

Another disadvantage for Advertiser Only could be (if they don't show Adgitize ads) that they don't get as many clicks as advertisers who show Adgitize ads on their blogs. I'm one of these members, too, who DON'T like to click on the ETSY Shop and other Adgitize ads which have no further Adgitize ads.
If i click on them, then just when i finish Adgitizing with the last few clicks but this means i don't really look what's on this website!
This seems to be one of the experiences which you still can influence by voting on Sharkbytes Blog "Just Throw Money" - How do you click Adgitize? (opens in a new window)
I just saw the decision is already made --> There will be NO ADVERTISER ONLY option.

What i think can be criticized on Adgitize!
In my opinion it was wrong to predict an earnings estimate which can't be fulfilled in the beginning of November. Everyone was/is looking for these numbers but as of now, we are far apart to see it.
Adgitize should have considered that many members will buy a Last-Minute ad and that this will affect overall earnings and in the end minimize the available advertisers (and funds!) until the end of November and even in December!
Most of the members don't have the funds for buying an ad (especially first timers!) and "loose" their money when in previous month everyone who was an active publisher could gain back the invested amount.

Sure, like you can see in my Adgitize earnings/advertiser statistic post, it won't be a big loss (after 15 days i earned 10.66$, double it and it would be 22+$) if you can achieve more than 400 points. But not many members can achieve 400 points daily.

At the moment only 44 members can achieve daily 400 points on average and just 121 can achieve more than 300 points which means these members will get a guaranteed payout each month as they can reach 10$.

For these members the loss will be daily 5 to 15 cents higher than my earnings. But i just can say today, wait until the last week of November starts on 24th and you will a more positive effect of the ad renewals.

Take care of the number of advertisers from 30th November - 3rd December, there you can see how many of the old 14$ ads will be renewed again or if they give up.
In case they give up, you would have a more valuable ad for the 24$ as you will get much more clicks for your ad and your earnings will be acceptable from the first week of December on (not necessary the earnings prediction from Ken Brown but more than at the moment!)

I can't update this series for Week THREE as i'm on Holiday next week, i will update it immediately when i'm back (in the last days of November). In this time my statistics are also not updated but i guess they will be affected "negatively" as i won't earn the 100 click points ;) But i will get a new perspective how much/less i will earn, when i only achieve 200+/300+ points for some days.

You can take part in our Holiday-Contest from 19th November - 29th November :) and win on each of our blogs which you visit ad space and some ECs.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that this post was nice to read. Like many others in the Adgitize system, I have been rather disappointed by my earnings this month. Ken assured me that earnings would go up as advertisers go down but I don't see how this can be if less advertisers means less money available for distribution ...

    Have a good holiday.

  2. @DogsDeserveFreedom:

    The most significant point will be

    -if an advertiser drops back to be a publisher, he has to click again 50 ads more...
    which increases the possibility of more ad clicks for every remaining advertiser

    -previous advertiser who are now again publisher can't achieve under normal conditions more than 290 points...
    their highest earnings would be around 25 cents instead of 50 or 60 cents.

    -these publisher have to share their money with the other publisher in the same point range which means there will be for the next days lower or not much increased earnings in the 200 - 300 point range!

    Hope this gives you a new perspective why advertising still will give you the best results even with less advertisers (we had from May to July each week more points but only slow growing advertiser numbers... the earnings still showed slightly upwards, especially for advertisers).


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