Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holidays-Contest and advertising on my blogs!

Hello readers, visitors and advertisers!

We will be not able to drop cards and do Adgitize clicking from 19th November on. I guess we'll be back from our holidays between 27 and 29th of November.
Then we will start to drop again 300 cards daily.

In this time of absence we have several scheduled articles (so it doesn't get boring visiting us + there will be a Holiday-Contest on all five blogs.

The 10 prizes will be for each blog
  1. ONE x ONE MONTH AD (December) - Value: 4.000 - 30.000 EC - 5$ to 20$
  2. Two x TWO week ads (January) - Value: 2.000 - 15.000 EC - 3 $ - 11 $
  3. Four x ONE week ads (February) - Value: 1.000 - 7.500 EC - 2 $ - 6 $
  4. 2.500 EC
  5. 1.500 EC
  6. 1.000 EC
The Blogs are

Cornyman's Money-Blog
Cornyman's Blogreviews
All about babies and kids
The One Minute Guide
Best travel pictures in the world

What do you have to do to win ONE of these prizes?

Simply drop cards on one or more of our blogs during the time of 19th - 29th NOVEMBER.

In case you would like to write a blog post about this contest, you'll get at the end of the contest
  • 200 EC (if the blog post is written between 18 - 20th November),
  • 125 EC (if the blog post is written between 21 - 23rd November),
  • 50 EC (if the blog post is written between 24 - 25th November),
  • 0 EC (if the blog post is written after 25th November).
The more often you drop, the more chances you will have to win. A blog post doubles the amount of dropping entries (Example: You dropped 3 times and write a blog post, your entries will be 6 + guaranteed ECs)

Please remember to make a comment on the first day (from 19th on) when you start dropping, if you want to take part in the contest (i only count the drops of members from that day on when the Participation-Comment is written!).

In case you wrote a blog post, leave the link to the blog post and your EntreCard Details, otherwise there will be no transfer of the ECs.

Winners will be announced in the first days of December!

To my Advertisers

If you bought/buy an ad from 19th November - 29th November in EntreCard on one of these blogs

Cornyman's Money-Blog (up to 380 visitors)
Cornyman's Blogreviews (up to 70 visitors, didn't click 300 daily, otherwise up to 200 visitors)
All about babies and kids (up to 200 visitors)
The One Minute Guide (up to 200 visitors)
Best travel pictures in the world (up to 180 visitors)

be advised that the visits will usually drop daily by 20%-30% and you might not get the return of clicks for what you have paid (even when i bought several ads and make this contest)!

I don't mind, if you like to cancel your ad and buy it in the last days of November, when it's sure that you will receive a better price and much more clicks in December when your ad will run!

The ads will be on auto-approval from Tuesday 17th November on!

If you like to buy an CMF-Ad, i have until end of November a Special Birthday Prize of 33 cents for one month. From December on the price will be again 60 cents!

Have a nice time, keep on reading/commenting on our articles and good luck to our participants of the Holiday-Contest!


  1. Hi cornyman,

    I think the date is typo on "Simply drop cards on one or more blogs during the time of 19th-29th September"

  2. Hi Eric,

    yes, was a typo :)

    Now it's correct: 19th-29th November!

    Thanks for the correction!

  3. i'll mark this to my calendar hehe.

  4. I'll keep dropping my usual - monday to friday :)

  5. dropping EC today

  6. I'll keep dropping here, so count me in...
    Enjoy your holiday!

  7. I am dropping ECs to join the contest!


  8. And by the way, aside from ec drops, i also blogged about it here:


  9. dropping EC again today.

  10. what an ingenious way of rewarding frequent visitors =]

    hope to win one of your goodies up for grabs!


  11. I've been dropping daily Martin, YAY me! :)

  12. Hi Martin, decided to blog about your contest too woo hoo! Here's da link!

  13. I just now saw this today, so I guess my drops officially start today. I dropped using both of my blogs, is that ok?

  14. Well, shucks, I didn't realize that I had to comment first, but here I go. I've been dropping some with all four of my blogs. Thanks!

  15. I've also written a post on my blog:

    Entrecard details:

  16. dropping ec here.

  17. hi, greeting from Indonesia!

    I have dropped EC few times before, but just write a comment today. Hope it's still OK!

  18. Hi!
    Me too, I have dropped EC a few times earlier, but only writing the comment today. Please let me know whether I can still join this contest?

    my url as below:

    Entrecard details below:


  19. my gosh, im so late.. i just came across here.. ill start dropping now =)


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