Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Adgitize: Week 1 after the ad price hike!

Let's discuss what has happened during the last week in Adgitize.

At first i want to thank the members of Adgitize who voted in the Earnings and in the Ad renewal poll! After 41 votes for "Will you renew your Adgitize ad?" the majority seems to be not sure or doesn't want to renew their ad!

Will you renew your Adgitize ad?
Sure 39%16
No 24%10
Perhaps 37%15
41 votes total
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The same poll will be online now but i think your votes may change throughout this week until next Tuesday, 17th November!

Will you renew your Adgitize ad?
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Adgitize earnings aren't rising like what members had expected!

Like predicted the earnings "disappointed" a lot of Adgitize members as they didn't raise at all in the first days. It seems difficult for the members who bought in the first days of November an ad for 24$ to earn this money back. It's just because of the members (including me) who bought a Last-Minute ad in the end of October! One more week and we will have around 40% bought ads with the new ad price of 24$!

But it's not yet the end of the month and like Ken Brown wrote in a comment to my last blog post, there are still members renewing their ads - just not the usual average of 7 members/day.
Until 5th of November 24 members bought an ad for the new price by calculating this until the end of November we could reach around 150 advertisers (which would be less than the 180 advertiser we had on 28th September 2009 when the earnings prediction was made for the new earnings!).

What else will happen when we have only 150 advertisers?

There will be again a much better value for buying an ad! Why? Because you will receive more clicks than at the moment. I recognized this as the advertisers dropped from 216 (31st October) to 201 (on 10th November).

With just 150 advertisers the clicks should be more steady above the 80 visitors-Level because the other 50 previous advertisers have to visit 50 more blogs daily to get the whole 100 click points and new publisher will join Adgitize, too.

If we just reach 150 advertiser by end of November the predicted earnings should be lower by 15-25%. In this case it would be only possible to break even when you reach around 400 points on average.

At the moment only 120 - 130 advertiser reach on average 300 points daily when we look in the Adgitize Leaderboard.
If we loose 50 advertiser there will be again less members who can reach daily 300 points -to reach the 300 points you need to click 100 ads/publish one article daily and get up to 60 ad view/40 page view points or additional Preferred publisher points - 10 (free option) or 25 points (paid option from 6$/month).
To show you the difference we take the numbers von Ken's example in the Adgitize blog

Old earnings (similar to first week in November 2009)
290 points - 22 cents (if you reach this daily, you get payout only every two month!)
300 points - 44 cents (if you reach this daily, you get around 12$ payout monthly)

New earnings (my prediction with 150 advertisers from December on)
290 points - 29 cents (payout again every two month)
300 points - 60 cents (wow, your payout could reach 18$ monthly)

In the end this could lead to higher earnings for all advertisers who click, publish daily and receive additional traffic from EntreCard and other blog networks/search engines and reach more than 400 points.
Why- because these members who dropped now below 300 points earn 22 - 50 cents less each day and the earnings calculation is usually better for members who get more than 300/400 points daily!

There is also another possibility!
Why should you advertise when you could reach 18$ monthly without advertising but just 300 points?

With advertisement costs of 24$ and earnings of around 0.75 - 1.05 $ (for 360 - 500 points, my prediction with 150 advertisers), you would probably just break-even or make a small gain of some cents up to 9 $/month.

The first advantage is clear by advertising, you will get new visitors daily to your blog, new followers (since April 2009 i got now 101 new followers from EntreCard + Adgitize) and comments... i guess around 80 visitors depending on your blog's content and ad picture, ad placement and if you are an EntreCard member who drops back!

The second advantage is that you don't have the trouble of clicking 100 ads but just 50 ads which save you daily up to 30 minutes time. Time which you can invest in writing better and more frequently blog posts :)

How much did you earn over the last week?

You can see my earnings/advertisers statistic each day in the previous Adgitize blog post. Up to 8th November i could accumulate 5.83$. What about you?


  1. I am still trying to figure out this Adgitize thing...I know I have been a member of Adgitize since last year, I just recently started paying for ads and actually clicking on ads on blogs. I wish I would have done this sooner so I could compare my results to something. I, too, bought my last ad before the price hike.

  2. I am one of those who bought a last minute ad in October. I really like your analysis and thinking I will probably renew.

  3. I will be buying an ad at the beginning of December. I want to wait until the "transition phase" is over before I start advertising again. Also, it's a matter of timing for me on the financial front. I have to wait until all the funding is fully available.

    I will be advertising again, though. For the one month that I advertised my visits doubled.

    I'll probably use one of my other sites to advertise and then rotate sites with each new month. That way the users don't get bored with what I'm offering and all my sites get a bit of extra visibility.

  4. @Alterity Button Jewelry:

    Do you see any sales from your Adgitize ad for your Etsy-Shop, i guess this would be interesting for other Etsy-Shop-"owner". There is the problem that you get visitor but you can't get ad/page view points, so the visits should spend money in your shop to generate some profits for the Shop owner.

    I think as long as you click the 50 ads daily and publish ONE article per day, you're good in Adgitize... like i read on your blog some weeks ago, you want to spend more time for your crafting instead of EntreCard dropping (which is reasonable). This could lead to slightly lower ad/page view points and lower earnings in Adgitize :)

  5. @Tycoon Blogger:

    Welcome in the Last-Minute-Club :) I can see the impact of this Club already when you look into the Leaderboard.
    As i had two ads running until 6th November i was on Rank #5, now i will drop each day as there are still some who have two ads running and we will see the earnings getting worse this week :)

    Best time to buy an ad is now the last week of November or the 2nd December (when all ads from the 31st October have expired).

    Next week Tuesday a new analysis with more insights!

  6. @Mom:

    You can change throughout the month your ads to another blog, too. Ken only doesn't want these blog changing more than once a week. With this method you could test on which blog you get better results and advertise in later months on this blog.

    One week is a good value to see already the followers increasing and most members click on "new" ads more often than on already established ones!

  7. I thought about getting an ad before the raise took place but wasn't able to. Now it just seems too expensive.

  8. Hi Martin,

    My answer to your polling was "sure", but that was still the beginning of the month.

    Until I read this:
    "Why should you advertise when you could reach 18$ monthly without advertising but just 300 points?"

    You got my attention there! All this time I was trying to figure out "how to cover the cost". Never realized that I could just eliminate cost and still earn!

    I recalculated, and decided to wait until the end of the month before I renew my ad.

    I'm following your update here Martin. Thanks.

  9. @Jordasche Bledsoe:

    The cost of the ad is around 1 penny for each visitor, this is cheaper than any other Ad network. If you look at Project Wonderful, CMF Ads or EntreCard you pay usually much more to get 1 visitor.
    And it's automatic, you just pay the 24$ and get them without doing anything, only when you want to get the $$ back which you paid for the ad... publish ONE article daily and click the 50 ads (instead of the 100 ads as publisher).

    Join the Preferred Publisher Program and get additional traffic for free or use the paid option (starting from 6$/month).

    How much traffic you want depends on your available time, dropping 300 cards can bring you additional traffic and as you get into the TOP Popular blogs your traffic will surge more and more. This will give you additional page and ad view points (like the paid ad itself)!

  10. @Evan's Mom:

    I just mentioned it during the time until all the "old 14$ ads" have disappeared. This will be on 2nd December 2009.

    From that time on we will see how many advertisers have left and how the earning are doing.

    If everyone will think like this (i can earn 18$ without advertising, too) then we won't earn anything because this depends on the amount of advertisers and overall points generated by all members!

    In the end the members only will earn with points higher than 400 as Adgitize has a separate special formula for each 100 points :(


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