Thursday, May 27, 2010

Adgitize: Special Summer Promotion until 31st July 2010!

Adgitize - get traffic and earn more money
Adgitize announced today in their blog a Special Summer Promotion in which every member who is a paid advertiser will earn back their monthly advertising fees of 14$ if you score daily 300 points or more.

This means Adgitize will add each day a minimum amount of 47 cents in your account when you reach the 300 points goal which earns you 14.57 $ within 31 days + you'll get between 1.200 - 2.500 visitors/31 days!

With the Special Summer Promotion Adgitize wants to reach the goal to attract 25 new (or former) advertisers and exceed again the level of 200 advertisers (currently just 176).

A comparison to the previous earnings for the 300 points tier - it has been around 33 - 36 cents.

I guess now we can drop our excuses in saying "i will loose some $" as this promotion is valid until 31st July 2010 and might be extended until the end of the year 2010 - in this time you will definitely earn more money than in the last few months and get additional ("free") traffic!

You can read my

If you're not yet a member of Adgitize -which earned me in the last 12 months more than 110 $ (ad fees deducted)- simply sign up using my Referral-Link by clicking on the Special Summer Promotion link or button at the top of this post and you will receive after Adgitize's approval a ONE WEEK AD VOUCHER (7$) for FREE to start your own successful Adgitize ad campaign without any risks attached!

Have a great time enjoying more traffic and earning more money with Adgitize in the coming days, weeks and months!

Update: It's enough during weekdays (Monday - Thursday) to achieve just 300 points, even with 350 - 370 points on these days, you won't earn more than the promoted 47 cents.
Simply check how many points you achieve without dropping cards (100 points - blog post, 100 points - advertiser, xx points - page + ad views) and then add the amount of points needed to reach 300 points (with 60 page / ad view points the amount is 260 points - 40 points needed for 300 points => click 25/50 ads depending if you're advertiser or only publisher - add 5 extra clicks as page / ad view points can fluctuate).

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  1. So how do you earn 300 points. One can only earn 100 for visiting, 100 for posting and the other are under 35 points. how can that equal 300?
    I thought I read 200 point for 37Cents.


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