Friday, July 9, 2010

Make money with Twitter: Be a magpie or not?

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Be a Magpie is another company who claims that you can make a lot of money by posting advertisements to Twitter. Before you register with them they give you an estimate of how much you could earn per month from their tweets.

In my case their estimate was more than 1.000 EURO / month as i had six months ago around 10.000 followers. But they don't tell you how they calculate this income because in my case it was 0.00 EURO even after 6 months and several tweets from them.

Why you don't earn much with Be a magpie?

Most of my offered tweets have been affiliate links to website on which the interested clicker has to buy the offered item. Only in this case you would earn real good money (up to 10% of the sales price). In my case it was mostly for Web Hosting, holiday flights and software. But you could choose as well that you don't want to tweet such offers. In this case you have to wait a very long time until you would get a Pay-per-Tweet offer (or perhaps this was only in my case as the price might be more expensive for an advertiser to show up in my timeline).

Another reason why you have to take care when you are member of Be-a-Magpie!

Your account can get easily terminated (which happened to mine yesterday) because of violating their terms. You will get the following Account Suspension notice 4 weeks before they may terminate your account if you don't follow their rules:
At Magpie we are committed to providing a quality service for Twitterers, Followers and Clients. To ensure we deliver on this commitment, Magpie periodically monitors our accounts for compliance with the Magpie & Friends Ltd. Terms and Conditions which can be looked up at

Our system has flagged your account @cornyman as in violation of clause 4 - Misuse and Fraud – the posting of tweets in an automated manner e.g. by aggregating one or more RSS feeds. As per these terms and conditions, this sort of Twitter account does not qualify for participation in the Magpie Network and as a result, your account has been suspended.

To automatically have your account reactivated, please reduce the number of automated tweets to less than 15% of your total tweets. Your Twitter account will be monitored over the next four weeks to gauge compliance with our terms and conditions. If compliance is achieved during this period, your account will automatically be reinstated. Continual non-compliance will result in account termination and forfeiting of your earnings.
I just had no time to post that much to my Twitter account on my own as i moved back to Germany and had much more important things to do than to think about a certain percentage.
I guess if you are on several months holidays but have scheduled blog posts, you could get in trouble, too. The same will be when you might be sick but inject some RSS-Feeds from other blogs without posting yourself...

Not a very nice move from Be-a-magpie but as i didn't loose any money (just wasted my time with it), i can say

Hopefully everyone else has more luck with Be-a-magpie!

I'm much more happy with
  • MyLikes (weekly payout from 2$ on, earn for each click),
  • Sponsored Tweets (set your own price/tweet or earn for each click),
  • (pays per tweet),
  • Revtwt (earn for each click),
  • Twittad (get an ad on your twitter profile background and get paid to show it for up to one month)
  • Twivert (get money for each click)
  • Paid-to-promote (get money for each valid visitor to your blog)
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  1. I am with Magpie. My last earning was way back in 2008. Still getting campaigns from them but no earning anything else. So the amount GBP13+ has been sitting there for yers already... As for sponsored tweets, it has been months since I goty their last campaign... Well, I personally do not see this tweeting ads as a reliable income. Sticking to Adsense then :)

  2. What right do Magpie think they have to dictate what you tweet on your own account? And then the cheek to call it fraud :-(

  3. I've been seriously following Mylikes policy but still they had my account suspended.. how frustrating ... thanks for this...

  4. Hey, I joined mylikes under you. Also, I wanted to say thank you for purchasing an ad on I really appreciate it. Hopefully you earn some good money from this twitter thing I am a part of now. :P

  5. talking about magpie, I am also being suspended, however the account is already activated back. I cashout twos time from be a magpie.

  6. I'll like to try what you suggested.

  7. Magpie recently put themselves up for sale. I guess they really are not doing so well.


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