Friday, January 23, 2009

New Search option in Google - Blogsearch Beta

Hello my dear readers,

in the last days i got some visits from the Google search engine. But it was not the usual search engine method which is automatically selected by Google (web).

It's the new Blogsearch option which is at the moment a Beta version. There you can look for actual postings on the Blogs or blog related sites all over the world.

How to get to Google's Blogsearch Beta version

  1. Use my search engine (in grey color) at the end of the Postings
  2. Type in what you are looking for, for example "myLot Payment proof" then Enter
  3. Click on the "more"-Link, there you'll see "Blogs", click on it
  4. Now Google will show only results linked to Blog related sites

You can select how old the postings should be by clicking on the publishing dates. You can select by yourself (using the option "Choose dates") or you can use the available options (last hour, last 12 hours, last day, past week, past month or anytime).

Another reason why this is a cool invention from Google

You can subscribe to an e-mail alert for your searching terms. As soon as there is a new posting, you'll get an e-mail from Google Blogsearch.

You could also use the blog search gadget for the search term on your Google homepage or subscribe to a search feed for it and receive new items automatically by Google Reader.

I will use these options now more often!
You can have a look by using one of the two search buttons on my blog (upper right side and below the last posting!)

What is your opinion about it?
Did you use it already or will you use it, too?
What would be the reason for not using this search method?

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