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TOP 3 Online money making Scams

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Are you in need to raise a lot of money in a short time? Are you jobless and look desperately for a job? And you would like to do anything as long as you can see money flowing into your wallet?

These are mostly the questions several online money making websites asking YOU! They greet you into the world of making money online the easy and fast way! It sounds so perfect and it seems to allow you to enjoy much more time together with family & friends or even earn so much money that you can fulfill all your dreams within several days or weeks.

Doesn't this sound incredible? Too good to be true?

The truth is making money online does work.

But if it is would be that simple like just purchasing an affiliate marketing ebook or registering for the get-fast-rich schemes, how many persons around you who use the Internet already for several years would be already retired or wealthy?

If you really want to succeed on the Internet, you have to work for your own success by doing Internet marketing.
The truth hurts often, but it's the truth. You have to put in several hours daily / weekly into your Internet marketing efforts otherwise you will never make any money online.

On the other hand, if you are already giving up on Internet marketing and think that it's only a big hype, then you are also extremely wrong.

The fact is, I can show you the top 3 Online money making Scams and how untrue they are.

  1. Online money making Scam - You can make 6 to 7 figures overnight (with payment proofs of Clickbank / Adsense / Paypal account screenshots).

    One of the biggest, fattest lies! It is simply a sales pitch to bait newcomers and desperately hopeless (jobless or low-income) visitors to purchase products. Most of them will do just anything and buy everything to get their hands on more real fast 'money'. More often than not, these buyers end up losing both - their own money and their time (and deleting the spam mails which you'll get as you're on their mailing list).

  2. Online money making Scam - Everything you need to know about succeeding on the Internet is available in OUR product

    Sounds true when you read additionally the fake testimonials from recent buyers of the product but it's just a popular selling pitch to attract these desperate people mentioned already in the first Online money making Scam. Don't we know that such a product is not existent. Otherwise there would be already millions of millionaires working on the Internet. The truth is, there is no perfect product. Each product has its values that you see or buy online, but please do not allow the sales pitch to lead you to where the gurus want you to be.

  3. Online money making Scam - Everything is automated and no effort is required.

    elieve me that there ain't no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Honestly, if it is as easy as it sounds, why would anyone want to own a day job instead of having money made online 'magically'?
    And in case you would own this "system", would you
    REALLY sell it for JUST $97? Please think twice before you click that "Buy me now"-Button!

  • What are your experiences with online money making scams?
  • Do you know of other online money making scams which are easily to detect?
  • Did you buy one of these get-rich-quick ebooks, programs or participated in paid affiliate websites? Have they been useful or was it a waste of money?

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  1. Thanks 'Man'-- I have fallen prey to such deceptive claims. And, I consider myself wise(sheesh).

    When your down-and-out, EVERYTHING, sounds good!

    Peace, Love, and Understanding--Elvis Costello

  2. Hi Martin,
    Too many scams to mention...... You picked some obvious ones. It is a case of just being sensible and not trusting what seems to be too good to be true.

  3. It pays to not be desperate when wanting to make money online. When desperation sets in, then anything and everything looks like it might be a great way to try to make money. No one should beat themselves up for falling prey to these scams. However, it is very important to learn what to watch out for and not fall prey again.

    Common sense, research, reading blogs like this one, all help to keep us safe from such scams.


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