Friday, March 26, 2010

Google Adsense: How to make money off their ads!

Most of the bloggers know already that you can monetize your blog in one easy step by using Google Adsense ad service. You simply register one (or more of your) blog(s) and wait some days until Google Adsense accepts your blog to publish their ads or if they (temporarily) reject it until your blog's content is within their terms of service.

After you get the approval e-mail from Google, you can start using their Adsense ads on your blogs and websites. Adsense uses Keyword sensitive ads which means Google tries to publish ads which fit to your actual blog posts or your overall blog topic. The ads which Google Adsense serves on our blogs and websites are coming from other blog & website owners, from famous brands who promote their new products / contests or from affiliate programs.

As you build up your blog posts week by week, you'll notice that there are often the same Google Adsense ads displayed when you visit your own blog. This happens because your content is relevant to their keywords which they are using in their Google Adwords campaign. Most of these ads will show you an URL to their real website (when you use the sky scraper or banner ads - the URL won't be displayed if you use only the Text link ads). On my blog there have been a lot of "Grab a free report", "sign up for my list", "new advertising program", 50 Ways to make money online! ads which include an affiliate program.

If you use now these kind of ads not only by displaying them in your Adsense ads but by choosing to join their affiliate programs (and make money off Google Adsense ads) you could make not just a few cents for the click - you could make between 2 - 50 $ (between 10% and 75% of the product price) in case the visitor who clicks your affiliate link, joins the program and buys the book or the service. Every blogger will have other ads like Mommy blogger might have the ones for baby cloths for which several companies offer partner programs with a certain percentage of the sales price as a commission or the Amazon Associate program which you can use easily inside your own blog posts when you write about certain products which are distributed by Amazon!

Most important factor to remember with affiliate links is NOT to cluster your whole sidebars with different ad banners and text link ads as they won't be always relevant to your actual blog posts. Instead you could use your affiliate banners selectively in relevant blog posts as a picture on the left/right of your blog post, between or at the end of your blog post.
You should only put certain affiliate links in your sidebars which are always useful for your visitors to see. Put other affiliate links at the bottom of your sidebars, in this case new visitors who are interested in your posts and read more than the recent one still can notice some of your affiliate links and will make you money but not annoy your regular visitors!

What's your experience with Google Adsense (earnings, success, ban, payout)?
Which experience can you share about affiliate programs, earnings and your success with them?

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  1. Adsense didn't work well for me in the beginning, but I've carefully tweaked how I'm using it and now I get a monthly payout. I'm still convinced I can do better though.

  2. My experience with adsense is you do not make money, regardless of how good your blog is, or how relevant the ads are, or where they're placed.

    As as blog walk, visit, comment, and drop I notice lots of people saying not to clutter your blog with multiple ads, but I see lots of those same folks with cluttered blogs. You have linkshowoff, Adgitize, CMF, Adsense and after that I stopped counting. You have tons of them. I find the whole process luck of the draw. I see blogs rated far less than mine who say they're making money. I see blog with less comments than mine, fewer visitors etc, who say they're making money. I sometimes thing people have friends who do nothing but click on ads for them. When and if I ever get to the first payout for adsense, I plan to delete it. I've already taken it off my other 2 blogs.

    I read lots of frustration from others who experiences mirror my own; so...I really don't think too much of the program.

  3. Hi not had a lot of luck so far with adsense but am sure if i had a lot more visitors to my blog things would improve.

    Thanks for taking part in my contest i have sent you credits to this account if you are going to blog about the contest please leave another comment so i can check it and send you more credits take care and keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Martin! I really liked this post (and I hope today my comment will actually "stick" - I tried several times to leave one yesterday). I've had good luck with Google Ads. I use adgitize but I wish I could ban certain blogs from advertising on my site, as they continually refuse to accept my entrecard ads.

  5. I have not been able to money from adsense ... hmm ...
    My blog has been 3 years ... and just 1 click ... ^ _ ^ ...


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