Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sponsored Tweets: How NOT to make money

Sometimes you keep on wondering how "intelligent" some members of these Sponsored Tweets companies must be, just to get a few cents for a click on their ads - not thinking about the consequences. In the end they might loose out not only the clicks they received on this particular sponsored offer but most likely be banned if they are repeated offenders of these programs.

Just watch out for this tweet (to clarify: It's about my campaign which i advertised in Sponsored Tweets two days ago!)

With these programs you can earn money on Twitter & your websites/blogs
  • MyLikes (weekly payout from 2$ on, earn for each click),
  • Sponsored Tweets (set your own price/tweet or earn for each click),
  • Ad.ly (pays per tweet),
  • Revtwt (earn for each click),
  • Twittad (get an ad on your twitter profile background and get paid to show it for up to one month)
  • Twivert (get money for each click)
  • Paid-to-promote (get money for each valid visitor to your blog)
Another case are - if you select to approve ads before they are tweeted out - that you can already reject tweets which clearly ask for Tweets or which don't have anything to do with the product you want to advertise like these Tweets:
Asking for clicks in Sponsored Tweets pre-approval of Tweets
asking for clicks

Wrong product description for Sponsored Tweets
Wrong or too short product description

No description at all, just the disclosure.
I saw these tweets in some profiles who only tweeted out tweets like this. It seems like the other advertisers just selected auto-approval which might result in a ZERO result for them.

Asking for Retweets in Sponsored Tweets
Some even ask in their Sponsored Tweets for Retweets to gain more exposure and clicks for their Sponsored Tweet.


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  2. Twitter only effective for celebrity and famous people

  3. i'm also a member of sponsored tweets. thanks so much for all the advice! more power!

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