Sunday, March 15, 2009

Second myLot-Payment proof -February 2009-

Finally we got our second Payment from MyLot, the first myLot-payment for myself!

The Payment was made by myLot for the time between mid-November until end of February (in between this time i couldn't be that active because of the things that have happened in the last week of January until the first week of February, read the two stories here and while waiting for the delivery of our baby boy in the mid of February i just earned an additional dollar in February ;-) ).

The Payout-amount was 17,57 US-$.

Now we are waiting for the new stimulus package to see how it will affect the earnings process. It seems it has to do with "tasks".

Tasks could mean we get some exercises from the myLot admin each week or month that we have to fulfill (means being more active so that myLot could earn more money, too, by getting more page impressions and therefore can sell more displayed ads!).

Let's wait and see. You will be the first to read it here in my guide for myLot which new earning opportunities are waiting for us.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Guide for myLot - Part V - Stimulus called Tasks

New Stimulus Package will be released soon in myLot.

The Guide will be updated immediately after myLot uncovers the Secrets behind the new item called "Tasks".

You can find this Tab under the interest picture bar between the "Discussions" and "Blogs"-Tab.

It also shows up under the Earnings section as a new row called "Tasks". In the near future the new type of additional earnings will be shown there!

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