Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scam? myLot reactivated our accounts today!!

Today my wife got an e-mail from myLot's mother company "".

There they wrote that they re-activate her account and if she made already a new account, she should cancel the new one and use only the old one.

In my case i didn't get an e-mail (yet?) but i could also log in in my account. My new account got automatically set inactive (and the earnings, too :-( ).

So far i don't know why we got set inactive for over 12 days and why after the re-activation our earnings for the whole month of January were set to Zero. I hope that we get again an answer to this question in the next days before we get the payout around 15th February 2009.

But so far i'm lucky that this case has now nearly a happy-end!

Which experiences do you have website that banned you and afterward they lift the ban again?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Scam? Banned in myLot with over 300 other members

On 27th of January i got banned together with my wife and some other 300 members.

Most of these members had multiple accounts or did just register to make troubles to other members like non-sense responses or discussions. And for some of them their only purpose is to rate other members negative so that their star rating will be lowered significantly.

For the members like my wife and me it's not clear what has been the background for our banning. There have been also other cases which don't share one internet connection. We share our connection with other house mates in Kuala Lumpur or with family members in Johor Bahru, but we have separate accounts, separate paypal-address and so on.

After sending myLot 2 e-mails regarding this issue, there hasn't been any answer yet. If you read their terms they also state that they can ban you for no reason or they don't have the need to investigate further why you have been getting banned.

They other possibility could be that we got banned because of the "abuse reports" which every member can do when they click on the "!" after each response/comment or discussion. Even in this case you can't defend yourself against members who don't write the truth.

In the end i registered newly and my wife doesn't take part anymore until it's clear what the problem of our accounts have been (if we get an answer at all).

I hope i will see you again in myLot, the best paying social forum in the Internet!

If you had the same problem like my wife an me, please leave a comment, so that we know more about the backgrounds about this banning which had a duration from one week.
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