Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scam? myLot reactivated our accounts today!!

Today my wife got an e-mail from myLot's mother company "".

There they wrote that they re-activate her account and if she made already a new account, she should cancel the new one and use only the old one.

In my case i didn't get an e-mail (yet?) but i could also log in in my account. My new account got automatically set inactive (and the earnings, too :-( ).

So far i don't know why we got set inactive for over 12 days and why after the re-activation our earnings for the whole month of January were set to Zero. I hope that we get again an answer to this question in the next days before we get the payout around 15th February 2009.

But so far i'm lucky that this case has now nearly a happy-end!

Which experiences do you have website that banned you and afterward they lift the ban again?

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  1. I got banned from Mylot few months back and have pending payment of more than $70. Tried to get my earnings but all fell in deaf ears of mylot admin! I wonder if I will ever be able to get those hard earned money! :(


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