Thursday, November 27, 2008

Welcome to my first post

In my blog you will find everyday new and classical financial advises. There will be also opportunities how to earn additional money or how to save money and make some bargains in the Internet and in the real world.

One of the first advises will be

Get Rich online but only slowly

There are several opportunities to earn money and opportunities to loose money (called "scam"-sites) in the internet.

It is essential to distinguish between
  1. web pages that just promote high earnings for which you usually have to sign up and pay money

  2. web pages that give you informations for free but use your e-mail address at first to let you get to these informations

  3. web pages that sell E-Books which promise you the fast money

  4. web pages like this one where you get informations for free.
More about these four kinds of web pages in the next posts.

Have a nice day and look out for my next messages. You'll be surprised what you would miss :-)



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